The murder of George Floyd by white cops in America has seen a fierce resistance to white supremacy, its institution, and its icons.

One of such acts of defiance against white supremacy and its hold on the institutions in America is the pulling down of a 125-year-old statue of a famous slave-trader, named Edward Colston.

The angry and protesting mob went ahead to dump the statue into the Bristol harbor during a Black Lives Matter march.

News has it that the Bristol police are now hunting members of the mob who took part in pulling down the statue.

The mob that gathered to protest the murder of George Floyd in Bristol were roughly 10,000 people.

The removal of the statue of Edward Colston has been a long-standing debate in Bristol. The mob angrily tied ropes to the bronze figure and pulled it from its pedestal made of stone.

After pulling the statue down, the crowd danced and cheered around it. Reporters stated that one of the protesters was seen kneeling on the neck of the statue, imitating the chokehold which the US police officer used to kill George Floyd.

A protester named John McAllister, aged 71, was bold enough to tear down the black bin bags used to conceal the statue.

Mr John McAllister said that: “It says ‘erected by the citizens of Bristol, as a memorial to one of the most virtuous and wise sons of this city’.

“The man was a slave trader. He was generous to Bristol but it was off the back of slavery and it’s absolutely despicable. It’s an insult to the people of Bristol.”

The anger of the crowd is justified because of the role Edward Colston played in the enslavement of African; and after playing a major role in such wickedness, he is now extolled as an icon – this is morally wrong.

Edward Colston was a major player in the Royal African Company, which was a trading company that massively engaged in the slave trade and brutality of Africans in the 17th century.

This company under the likes of Edward Colston supervised the death of around 19,000 Africans on the various voyages to the Caribbean and the Americas.

The protesters have also gone ahead to deface the statue of Winston Churchill, with the word racist written across the plinth.

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