Racist Neighbor Shoots 6-Year-Old Black Boy For Getting His Bike From His Yard

Racist Neighbor Shoots 6-Year-Old Black Boy For Getting His Bike From His Yard

An irate neighbor shot a 6-year-old boy in the arm, according to Fox 2 Detroit. Coby was returning his bike from 29-year-old Ryan Le-front Nguyen’s yard in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan, when the man fired a gunshot at him.

Coby told the source that Le-Nguyen tried to hit him with a sledgehammer at first, but that he was able to flee. The man then took out a gun and began shooting at him, according to the little boy.

“He tried slamming a sledgehammer into me, but it won’t work since I’m too fast. “Then he pulled out a gun and shot me straight in the face,” he explained.

Coby and his friends were seen riding their bikes on the sidewalk in a video captured by an adjacent home’s Ring doorbell camera. The boy got off his bike and abandoned it in front of Le-residence Nguyen’s at some time. The man began shooting as he went to grab it, according to his father, Arnold Daniel.

He told Fox 2 that he was “irate.” “I can’t function and I’m at a loss for what to do… I’m afraid for my family’s safety. I’m worried for them because I have no idea what he’s capable of.”

According to police, Le-Nguyen fired the gun through his window, with the bullet passing through Colby’s arm. The young youngster was brought to the hospital and is now on the mend. The sheriff of Washtenaw County apprehended Le-Nguyen and accused him with murder with intent. He was released on a $10,000 cash bond three days after his arrest on Tuesday (June 8).

“I’m trying to figure out how he got such a low bond for attempting to murder my child,” Arnold added.

According to Fox 2, the county prosecutor’s office asked for a $100,000 bond and was surprised when it was granted. To raise the bond, an emergency motion has been filed.

Arnold told the publication that they’ve had problems with their next-door neighbor in the past, and that he’s tried to throw away the kids’ bikes.

He stated of his son, “Right now, he’s not really digesting what occurred.” “He has no idea how close he was to not being here… but I have.”


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