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Racists Have Vandalized The Bust Of Breonna Taylor In Downtown Oakland Only Two Weeks After Installation

Racists Have Vandalized The Bust Of Breonna Taylor In Downtown Oakland Only Two Weeks After Installation

Breonna Taylor’s sculpted bust, which was erected two weeks ago in downtown Oakland, was destroyed on Saturday, according to police. According to KQED, the bust’s artist, Leo Carson, the sculpture was meant to support Black life. “This destruction is a racist crime, and it demonstrates why sculpture and art are important,” he stated. “I created this sculpture to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and while I am outraged and saddened by their cowardice, their damage will only strengthen her.”

It is unknown how the bust was shattered or who was responsible for the tragedy. According to the police, a report has been filed and the vandalism is being investigated.

Taylor was shot by three Louisville police officers who broke into her apartment in March in the name of executing a no-knock search warrant in a narcotics investigation. She was with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker at the time. The police suspected Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover of harboring narcotics and money in her flat, but there were no drugs or money present when they arrived. Since then, her name has been trending as many people rally behind the cause of seeking justice for the Black first responder.


Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove, the three policemen who fired the bullets, were not charged in Taylor’s murder by a grand jury on September 23. Only Hankison, who was fired after the event, was charged with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for firing into Taylor’s neighbors’ apartments. Protests against police brutality and racial injustice erupted across the United States in mid-2020, following Taylor’s death and the killing of unarmed Black man George Floyd.

Carson, who had lost his job as a waiter during the epidemic, joined the protests in Oakland, but he wanted to do more. On December 12, a ceramic bust of Taylor with the slogan “Say Her Name Breonna Taylor” was exhibited in downtown Oakland. Carson believes the conduct is an attack on Taylor and the Black Lives Matter movement now that it has been dismantled.

Carson, who hopes to repair the artwork as soon as possible, told ABC7 that he was “stunned, surprised, upset, and outraged” at first. “It was like a tidal wave of emotions. It seemed like they were attacking me personally, as well as Breonna Taylor and the BLM movement.”

Carson, on the other hand, stated that he intends to fix the sculpture and cast it in bronze. Cotchett, Pitre, and McCarthy Law Firm representatives have also pledged to pay $5,000 to help cover the costs.


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