Remembering When This 11-Year Old Girl Was Knocked Out By White Bully For Saying ‘My Black Is Beautiful’

It is very disheartening to confirm that vile racism has been passed down to the younger generation of Caucasians in America. As we lament the heinous acts of racism that have been meted out to blacks in America and hope that the future will be safe for black children, we are confronted with numerous stories of little white children carrying out the same type of racist acts the older generation has practiced. And this leaves a very bitter and distasteful question on the lips of Black people: Will blacks ever be safe in America?

The answer to that question stares us in the face with stories such as these – answers which many Black people are scared to ponder for fear of the reality that would hit them.

The mother of an 11-year-old Kansas girl who was struck in the head with a pole by a 12-year-old White bully said the attack was motivated by racial prejudice.

Brandi Stewart, the mother of victim Nevaeh Thomas, told WDAF-TV that her daughter was savagely attacked while out playing with her friends on August 31 in Shawnee, Kansas.

Stewart claims her daughter was confronted by an older White kid who used racial slurs while she was playing. Nevaeh was hit in the head with a pole after responding to the bully’s attacks by telling him “my black is beautiful.”

“Her sentiments have been harmed even more as a result of the racial conduct.” “There’s not a lot of scarring,” Stewart added.

Nevaeh was seriously injured and knocked out during the incident, and she required medical attention. “She had a concussion,” says the narrator. Her cheek is stitched both inside and out. Stewart stated, “She lost her tooth.”

A felony aggravated battery charge has been filed against the 12-year-old suspect. According to WDAF-TV, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe also indicated the youngster might face hate crime charges, but juvenile proceedings differ from adult proceedings.

“How about a little empathy?” says the speaker. “Regardless of the ethnicity of these children, as a parent, I’m not sure how I would handle this if my child was damaged in this manner,” LaRhonna Lassiter Saunder, the family’s attorney, said.

Residents in the area were stunned by the occurrence, with one parent telling WDAF-TV, “It’s kind of scary since I have children of different colors.” My son is a Black boy, and you never know what will happen to him, which is a little concerning.”

“That’s just terrible,” another resident said. “I feel so sorry for that poor girl; she didn’t deserve it.”

“That poor little girl didn’t do anything, and now she’s been beaten and hospitalized for what?” “Because she’s black?” exclaimed someone else.

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