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Reports Say European Pedophiles Are Buying Gambian Kids For £2 For S*x

Reports Say European Pedophiles Are Buying Gambian Kids For 2 Euros For S*x

The horrifying reports coming out of the Gambia about the paedophilia carried out by British citizens on Black children is most shocking.

In a recent expose, The Sun gave a detailed report on the activities of pedophiles who purchase children from their desperate parents for as low as £2-a-time.

In a country where the laws are very very lenient on issues such as pedophilia, these Brits with cash to flash around, do their best to exploit these little boys and girls. It is often a holiday for these child molesters, and there are people in high places who know why they were going to the Gambia. 


A full detailed report from Sun Online expressed shock by the number of African children who were not accompanied by their parents and were carried by middle-aged European men. Of course, these Europeans could not have the parents of these African children – no way.

This is actually very disgusting to report or think of!!!

The reporter wrote an account of a particular girl who was having lunch with a balding white-haired man, at a restaurant that was also filled with a lot of the European tourists. The young girl was said to around the tender age of 6-8.

The reporter also said that another elderly man, probably between his 50s and 60s was walking by the waves of the ocean at the shore, holding an African child as though the child was his lover. The European man was wearing only white swimming shorts.

The Sale Of Children For A Paltry Sum Of £2

The Sun, in an exclusive interview with the Gambian National Coordinator for the Child Protection Alliance, exposed the fact that both female and male European tourists are constantly seeking out African children to be with.


In a warning, he said and we quote: “Sex is cheap in my country and children are being sold for as little as 150 dalasis, or just over £2 in your currency.

“Some of the parents know their children are being abused and they accept it because they are so desperate for food in their bellies.

“Others are too naïve to realise. They think the Westerner is paying their bills and helping their boy or girl out of the kindness of their heart, while in reality, they have bad intentions.

“Child abuse is going on all the time in The Gambia and the government is not doing enough to put a stop to it.


“Our children are being approached directly on the beaches or the street and child abusers from all over Europe including the UK are coming here for this.

“I want to make clear that this does not just involve men but also adult women who are paying for sex with teenage boys in The Gambia.

“We have laws that are supposed to stop this from happening but they are not being enforced so we have become a paradise for paedophiles.”

What breaks our heart to know that there are people all over the world who would read this and find nothing wrong with it. There are those who would actually endorse this. And it is just a reflection of the kind of world we live in. Worst still many international media will not feature this news or make it go viral so something can be done – they will suppress it, for obvious reasons.


After the full reports from Sun Online, it is very hard for any unbiased person not to be filled with rage, especially if you are an African. It is very painful because Africa has suffered a lot at the hands of Europeans – and now these same Europeans have found a way to molest African children and bring shame to families.

Africans have a way of life – various cultures that frown at sexual pervasiveness and immorality. The introduction of pedophilia to the minds and bodies of these children will forever leave a scar in their minds that can’t be covered – a scar that would come back to hunt them and destroy the way they think.

The recent increase in the campaigns for pedophilia by certain groups all over Europe (the Western world) truly emboldens these kinds of behaviors and people. But what is most annoying is that they bring their strange and unwanted behaviour to the shores of Africa.

African governments, especially that of Gambia should step up their fight against evils such as these. It often seems like a lost course when one talks about African liberation, but we must continue to speak up. Our leaders must be more active and do their best to defend those whom they have been called to lead.


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