Reports Say That Dr Dres Divorce Battle With Wife Is One Of The Most Expensive

Reports Say That Dr. Dre’s Divorce Battle With Wife Is One Of The Most Expensive


Dr. Dre’s divorce from Nicole Young, his estranged wife, has been hailed as one of the most expensive in history. Young filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage, alleging irreconcilable differences. In 1996, Young married Dre, whose full name is Andre Young. She was previously married to Sedale Threatt, a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Dre has agreed to provide her with spousal support.

The couple is the parents of two children. They joined Dre’s former relationship’s four children. Dre’s oldest daughter recently revealed that she is currently homeless and has been living in her rented car.


Dre’s divorce from Young has reportedly just gotten a lot more pricey. According to The Blast, the court in the divorce case has issued a provisional order stating how much support Dre will have to give his estranged wife.

According to records obtained by the site, Dre has been ordered to pay an additional $1.55 million in attorney expenses to Young, in addition to spousal maintenance. According to records obtained by ETonline, the hip-hop entrepreneur was ordered to pay around $3.5 million in yearly support in July.

The business magnate agreed to pay his wife $2 million in support while he recovers from a brain aneurysm earlier this year. According to The Blast, Dre made two separate $500,000 payments in the last year. Dre now owes his ex-wife more than $4 million in legal fees as a result of this latest decision.

The judge justified the exorbitant fees by emphasizing Young’s attorneys’ degree of experience. Samantha F. Spector and Lisa Helfend Meyer, both celebrities, are representing Young.

“The attorney’s family law training and expertise. Ms. Samantha F. Spector and Lisa Helfend Meyer, both licensed family law specialists, have vast practical experience in difficult family law matters,” according to the order.

“Given the complexity of the case and the issues involved, an attorney of their level and ability is fairly essential; as a result, the varying hourly rates charged by the principal and secondary attorneys involved in this action are reasonable and justifiable.”

According to reports, Dre is being forced to pay a big quantity of money because of the “disparity” between his and Young’s assets and income. His estranged wife “has assets totaling about 39 million dollars,” according to records, while Dr. Dre “has assets totaling roughly 243 million dollars.”

Despite not releasing an album since 2015, Dre just topped Forbes’ list of the top ten highest-paid musicians, earning $800 million ahead of Taylor Swift and Beyonce. According to the story, his riches is largely attributable to his 20% investment in Beats Electronics, an Apple subsidiary.







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