Rwanda Employs Robots In The Fight Against Coronavirus - A Clear Sign Of Good Leadership

Rwanda Employs Robots In The Fight Against Coronavirus – A Clear Sign Of Good Leadership

In recent years and months, Rwanda has been at the forefront of science, technology, and innovation in Africa. From launching two separate satellites into space to manufacturing their own cell phones, Rwanda sets a standard for many countries in Africa to follow.

In a recent report by CNN, Rwanda has introduced a unique type of robots that would aid them in the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic, even though the virus is not that significant in Africa.

The country, with some of the lowest figures of infected persons, which stands at 314, as of May 22, has put these five anti-epidemic robots on the front lines to help in direct contact and treatment of people.

The robots were given Rwandan names, Akazuba, Ikirezi, Mwiza, Ngabo, and Urumuri, respectively, and were received from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), by Rwanda’s Minister of Health, and the Minister of ICT and Innovation, last week.

The Ministries confirmed that the robots will be used in mass temperature screening, monitoring the status of the patients that present themselves for testing, and also storing the medical records of the Covid-19 patients.

These robots will ensure that health workers are as safe as possible. This is because those who have been hardest hit are the health workers, round the world.

The robots have the capacity to deliver medicine and food to Covid-19 patients

Assisting the health workers, the robots will be able to screen at least 150 people every minute, analyzing them for symptoms of the coronavirus, such as dry cough and high temperature.

In a statement by Rwanda’s minister of health, Dr. Daniel Ngamije, the robot has the ability to capture sound and visual data of COVID-19 patients, and in turn notify the health workers of which patient has which health abnormality. The robots can also deliver food and medicine to patients infected with the Covid-19.






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