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Sacramento Man Faces Charges of Hate Crime & Vandalism For Attacking Black Female Business Owner

Sacramento Man Faces Charges of Hate Crime & Vandalism For Attacking Black Female Business Owner

He is accused of hurling racial insults at a Black lady and then breaking into her shop earlier this month, according to police. He is being held on accusations of burglary, vandalism, and committing a hate crime.

In an interview with KCTV, Jazmine Bonnett, the owner of Blossom Bathhouse in Old Sacramento, said that a disgruntled white male, later identified as Ross Wolfer, verbally assaulted her on Thursday, June 3, as she was walking to her car to pay the parking meter that afternoon. “It was a verbal assault,” she said.

“He used the b-word and the N-word and he made fun of my hair, saying, ‘You Black women with your weaves,’” Bonnett told the news site. The shop owner claimed that she attempted to flee, but that the 55-year-old guy pursued her, and that is when things became dangerously violent.


Following a lengthy “tug of war with the door,” Wolfer is said to have smashed the glass windows with his foot and broken into the shop while yelling expletives at the woman in the store. Wolfer “may kill me honestly,” Bonnett said, revealing that she was terrified of seeing the anger and wickedness in his eyes as he kicked a window and pushed through a glass to get to her. A flying piece of glass struck the businesswoman’s arm, cutting her arm in many places.

After being apprehended by witnesses in the area, including Mary Mundling, who works at a jewelry store nearby, Wolfer was apprehended again. In his explanation, Mundling stated that people were fast to act because their town has a culture in which they “take care of our own.” She went on to say, “He made it a point to bring it up with the police, egging them on.” It was necessary for the first police officer to use her taser, and she had to call for backup.”

Rather of being offended by Wolfer’s rude statements, Bonnett voiced her displeasure by saying, “I was born with my skin color, proud of my skin color, not going to alter it, can’t alter it.” “Knowing that someone would want to attack me just because of that is a little frightening,” she continued.

The entrepreneur had only been in company since the end of last year and is today facing bodily harm in the amount of over $3,000 dollars. However, a GoFundMe campaign started by Brittani Evans with a goal of $10,000 will soon cover the costs of the damage and much more. Evans claims that her friend’s shop “is the ONLY black business on that block of Old Sac,” and that she was “attacked like way for nothing other than the fact that she is a black woman.” The fundraising has raised approximately $7,000 to help cover the cost of the damage and refill the inventory that has been depleted.


Wolfer was apprehended and placed into custody after a lengthy investigation. It has been determined that he was under the influence of narcotics at the time of the occurrence, which is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

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