School Suspends Black Students For Protesting White Students’ Racial Slurs & Confederate Flag

School Suspends Black Students For Protesting White Students’ Racial Slurs & Confederate Flag


While several Black pupils were suspended from school for preparing a protest, their peers were not.

CBS 46 reported that a group of Black high school students in Rome, Georgia, have been suspended from school for planning a protest against racial abuse. Their white and Hispanic classmates, on the other hand, who were also planning the protest, were not reprimanded.


Four white students at Coosa High School, according to CBS, hoisted a Confederate flag and screamed racist slurs during the school’s spirit week’s “Farm Day.” On the 7th of October, a group of students approached school officials to report the occurrence. According to accounts, black students who attended the meeting were suspended for two weeks from school, while white and Hispanic pupils were not.

Lilyan Huckaby, a white student who was present at the meeting, told CBS 46 that she was “yelling and screaming” at administrators but that she was not suspended.

“They suspended all the African Americans, and they didn’t suspend them,” she said to reporter Hayley Mason, motioning to the other white and Hispanic demonstrators.

The protest went down as planned, but according to Newsweek, school administrators hired police officers to patrol the event and warned that students who participated would be “punished for inciting disorder.” Some parents of Black pupils told the outlet that sheriff’s deputies who visited their home informed them of their children’s suspension. A deputy even pulled her over as she was driving to deliver the news, according to one mother.

Lekysha Morgan, whose three children were suspended, said she has often expressed her dissatisfaction with the “mental trauma” her children have had as a result of being called racist slurs at school. Administrators, she claimed, have yet to take action.

Many parents are said to have joined the rally to show their support for their children. The pupils have been suspended for two weeks, which means they will miss their homecoming.

“The Confederate flag should not be flown at all, in my opinion. “It’s a racist sign that makes me feel degraded,” Jaylynn Murray, a student who helped organize the protest, said.

“I felt incredibly disrespected that the school didn’t do anything about it, and that we aren’t allowed to wear BLM gear yet they are able to walk around with a racist flag,” another commented.

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  1. Paul J. Simmons Avatar
    Paul J. Simmons

    This school is hardly a place of higher learning. This school obviously teaches that Columbus discovered America and other forms or racist rhetoric that poisons the minds of young people.

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