Ever since the meeting and interaction of the various races of humans on earth, there has been a competition for dominance. Dominance in almost all spheres of life.

It has been a battle of control, power, rulership, and ‘who gets it all”, ever since the races happened on each other.

Caucasians believe they are the master race. Arabs believe they are the master race, and also Africans believe and prove that they are the master race.

The battle rages on. But where do we draw the line? Where do we see and take the truth for what it is?

This is not an article about racism, or hate, or bullying. No.

This article clearly points out, with unarguable facts why Black people have superior genes. And if anyone has a contrary or better viewpoint, they are welcomed to share it (with respect).

The Cornell University Study

 In 2008, Cornell University carried a study, which revealed that the genes of Europeans contained far more harmful mutations than that of African people.

These harmful mutations that were discovered, was said to have continued to build up, putting the Europeans at risks.

This goes to confirm the many theories and facts put forward by Afro-centric historians and scientists.

The study accepts that’s the migration of humans from Africa to Europe, around 30,000-45,000 years ago, is the major cause of the defect in the European gene today.

They compared more than 10,000 sequenced genes from 15 African-Americans, and 20 European-Americans, and concluded that the African gene is more superior to the European gene.

They suggested/concluded that this inferiority of the European gene is as a result of a “bottleneck”, which is a large decrease in their number during (and after) the European migration from Africa 45,000 years ago.

A professor and Author, Prof Bustamante, said that “What we may be seeing is a ‘population genetic echo’ of the founding of Europe.”

Research carried out on the African gene has clearly proven that the first humans are at least 70% older than scientists have estimated in the past.

The Distinct And Oldest Y Chromosome Of An African Man

A research carried out on an African man, Albert Perry, shortly after he passed away, showed that his genes possessed an unusual distinct Y chromosome.

This is against the false backdrop of all humans been traced back to one common ancestor, which they called Adam.

Albert Parry’s DNA shattered the Adam myth and lie.

The DNA Technicians traced his lineage to a much earlier date than that of Adam. Albert Perry was from Cameroon, in West Africa.

And this clearly states the fact that those of that gene pool, just like all Africans, are not descended from Adam, and are as old as 140, 000 to 338,000 years ago, although diverse and further studies have put this date to be older.

African Babies Are More Advanced At Birth

Further studies, shows that Black babies grow faster and advance earlier than their Europeans counterparts.

Studies which were conducted by white social scientists, revealed significant differences in how fast African babies seem to develop when compared to the European babies.

This was analysed and captured in a book by Dr. Amos Wilson, ‘The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child’.

In the analysis and study, it was discovered that at only 9 hours after birth, an African baby had the ability to prevent their heads from falling backwards. This same ability would take a European baby, around 6 weeks to posses.

When an African got to 11 months, they were able to climb a stair alone, but a European child will be able to do this when they get to 15 months.

Although the study was carried out mainly on African children, Dr. Amos Wilson stated that the same advanced ability was found in Black children from other parts of the world.

In 2011, human fossils were discovered by researchers at a site in Iwo Eleru, Nigeria. Fortunately, the fossils discovered, showed a remarkable and rare mixture of modern and ancient human features.

This, in turn, suggested that the fossil was as a result of the inter-breeding of modern and archaic humans.

This is a sign of a “more complex scenario for the evolution of modern humans in Africa,” said Chris Stringer, of the Natural History Museum, in London.

The Melanin Of The African

Although European-centric scientists are bent on discrediting the important of the melanin and the tenacity of the African complexion and skin type, facts still abound as to the power of the pigment, melanin.

The Melanin is the very pigment that gives Black people their skin complexion, and has been renowned as the source of multiple miraculous health benefits.

Without a doubt, the melanin in the African man’s skin, makes it possible for him to withstand the negative effects of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The melanin, does well in neutralizing the harmful effects of other forms of radiation, fights off signs of aging and a whole lot more.

Ability To Sprint Better Than Others

And last, but not the least, is the fact that Africans are genetically better sprinters than Europeans, especially West Africans. In a book titled “The Physique of the Olympic Athlete”, author, James M. Tanner, robustly pointed out the major racial differences among athletes in the Olympics, and made a worthy discovery about the reason why so many top track and field competitors are Africans or Blacks of African descent.

Studies into this shows that the muscular composition of West Africans genetically allows them to be “the most anaerobically efficient athletes”, by virtue of the way their bodies process energy.

This video by Atlanta Black Star sheds more light on the superiority of the African gene, and why it is something to be proud of.

In closing, it is important for Europeans not to see this as an attack on them, but to clearly appreciate nature for her wisdom to share abilities to various groups of humans, with respect to how long they have lived on earth, and what part of the earth they have resided.



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