Over the last two centuries, scientists and archaeologists have opened the eyes of the world to the many ancient technologies hidden in plain sight in Africa. The discovery of modern tools, machines, and techniques, have enabled archaeologists and scientists to better understand the role Africa played in the evolution of the earth and mankind.

Although many things are still not clear, one fact that keeps resurfacing is that humans have been on this planet for longer than we can tell and that Africa (the Black man), was at the forefront of the civilizations and technologies that power the planet from time immemorial.

A nuclear reactor, lost to history, was discovered by a worker at a nuclear fuel processing plant, in Africa, in 1972. The worker noticed that there was something suspicious in one of the analyses of the uranium obtained from the mineral source at the site.

The site is in Oklo, Gabon. And what was surprising to the scientists who gathered at the site where the Uranium was found, is that the nuclear reactor was way beyond the scope and understanding of our modern/present scientific and technological know-how.

The researchers who worked on the discovered nuclear reactor said that it was most likely to be around 1.8 billion years old, and at its peak, would have been operated for at least 500,000 years.

The results and findings of the scientists were made known by the researchers at a conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Reporters said that the scientists had discovered traces of fission products and fuel wastes at the different locations within the nuclear mine.

The fascinating thing is that our modern-day nuclear reactors are nothing to compare with this old reactor, both in functionality and in design. The ancient nuclear reactor was said to be very long and stretched along many kilometers.

One other fact that threw the scientists off-balance was the astonishing fact that a nuclear reactor of that size, had a minimal (insignificant) thermal impact on the surrounding environment, which measured 40meters on each side. They also realized that the radioactive waste had been kept intact in the Oklo area, and has not moved outside of it – all thanks to the topography and geology of the area.

The Complete scientific details of the findings can he found HERE.

This discovery comes to a world that is being lied to about the achievements and potentials of the African man and continent, from time immemorial. When the Europeans came to Africa, they found indisputable evidence, which proved that Africans were more superior than they were and that Africans had been here on earth way before the Europeans arrived.

The Europeans didn’t want this knowledge to go viral in the world, so they devised all kinds of propaganda and science-backed lies to say that Africans (Black/Brown people) were inferior to the Caucasian man. To further propagate this lie, they destroyed, stole, and buried multitudes of African artifacts, inventions, and knowledge.

Despite these, the worst disaster Africa faces, is that her nations are ruled by politicians who have no sense of history and consciousness. For them its all about money. So, they allow Europeans to come in and excavate all sorts of locations in Africa, in search of our collective heritage. When they find these ancient truths, technologies and artifacts, they hide them and steal them away to Europe and America. The African political leaders care nothing about this. All they care about is the dollars, Euros, and pounds, which the foreigners will wet their palms with.

And just like that, Africa is been stolen dry, year after year. Worst part is that these same leaders will never create avenue for science-based research to flourish to a point where these discoveries are made by Africans, and kept in Africa.

As we speak, numerous foreign companies are all over Africa, digging up precious metals, minerals, resources, ancient artifacts and many more. These operations don’t make it to the new – so Africans are kept in the dark about the massive looting of their collective heritage by Europeans, Americans, The Chinese, and anyone who cares to join the party.

We might not have the power the fight the dirty government officials and their international collaborators, but we have a medium to speak up, and I am doing just that.



  1. Like how Askenazi irredentism claim Israel from the native Semitic people (Palestinian people), the foreign powers claim Africa because after all, “we’re all from Africa”. Which part of Africa have most diamonds? Well let’s claim that!

  2. Your article really fascinates me. I’m going pass it around our brother and sister. Keeping the great job. Thanks

  3. 1.8 billion years ago – so in the Proterozoic period, where life was restricted to Eucaryotic organisms. No human was around at that time, so it must have been aliens that built it then… Or maybe, just maybe, this is one of 16 natural nuclear fission reactors in that area.

    Apparently the more superior people couldn’t dispute and disprove the lies of the less superior people. Neither could they protect their artefacts, inventions, and knowledge from being destroyed, stolen, and buried by the less superior people. Sure. That sounds really plausible. Ya, because lions allow pigs to do this to them as well.

  4. Yeah that’s Africa is the world busket every wealth that you can think of found in Africa ,but the problem is those who lead African countries never mind of what Africa continent is all about…but us minority let us not stop to shout that we are African so generations that I coming can know what they inherent in Africa continent

  5. Is good and important to uplift people but all people. If you need to do it in a way that discriminate against other groups for eggsample other races or people from other continents, your staring fight that you will lose. Our battle as humans is not against flesh/people but ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, pride and lack of respect for our nabours and our selfs. We as all have much to learn as a human race and to target people or to be a radical extreamest is a waste of time, energy leads to suffering for all.

  6. Mr. Igbo,
    The facts you state above are not in dispute; however, have you ever asked the question: why? Specifically, why the collective people of Africa allow the rape and pillage by the European, and now the Chinese? Ever wonder why the political leaders of Africa have maybe never thought to: a), put an end to the raping and pillaging of valuable natural minerals, b), begin to utilize these natural minerals, i.e., sell said minerals on the world market, and c) use the proceeds to build their respective Country. If done correctly, most African Countries could look like America or well advanced European Countries in 25-30 years. Imagine, a United States of Africa with super highways, high speed rail, passenger jets criss crossing the continent. Glimming high tech cities that look like New York or Paris or London. An African people well educated from leading universities with a high standard of living. And so on and so forth. Now, can you envision this “New World Order” for our African Brothers Mr.Igbo? I await your thoughts. Thank you sir.

  7. Typical, even Hollywood propagates these white supremacy lies. Nollywood is also colonised cause in their epic movies, the people are barefoot as if we didn’t know how to make shoes,more white lies.

  8. Just a Fact… “Australopithecus afarensis lived between 3.9 and 2.9 million years ago, and is considered one of the earliest hominins”

  9. Thank you, it’s such an honor and embrace glorify Africa heritage and historical ancient technology. Ok wait a second you brain wash me the earth and our solar system is 5billion years old and the reactor is 1.8billion years old hence our fore fathers and ancestors where more advanced and cutting edge innovation because in nuclear standards and regulations sustainability the size and magnitude of the reactor its exceeding the fission standards so its fussion process only the “fuels are resembling with fission so they where more intelligent and smart, or probably ancient alien’s where living here coming from other universes building cutting edge nuclear reactor and massive yields so its great africa is bless from Madagascar to Egypt to the south and entire African continent let’s preserve our history and heritage.”

  10. Interesting topic, thanks my Brother. I’m glad to know all of these facts you’ve just mentioned above. I’m an African and proud to be. European have lied to us.

  11. This ego-boosting article (which I welcome) must be reconciled with Scientific America’s version of the facts. Two billion years ago is a long time. The emergence of human types in Africa (the birthplace of humankind) is measured in millions of years, so can we credit human beings with this nuclear reactor?? Just asking.


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