Shaman Candiss Pitts Reveals How She Makes $119k A Month From Her Spiritual Counselling Of CEOs

Shaman Candiss Pitts Reveals How She Makes $119k A Month From Her Spiritual Counselling Of CEOs

Candiss Pitts knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was eight years old. Growing up, she and her family sold rhubarb pies in an Amish market.

She worked in direct sales after college and was ranked in the top 2% of her company’s consultants. She told CNBC Make It, “The position came with a lot of privileges.” She received free trips, luxury handbags, and house parties as a result of her efforts.

This was more than Pitts could have imagined as a mother from a little West Virginia town. She did, however, have the uneasy impression that something was missing. “I began to ask myself, ‘Who am I?’ What exactly am I doing here? “Am I fulfilling my destiny?”

These inquiries would lead her to start The Royal Shaman, a spiritual consulting firm for high-powered CEOs and entrepreneurs.

“I’ve always known I had a gift – the ability to know and see things that others can’t. “I decided to follow my instincts after feeling detached from my sales career,” she stated.

Pitts left her work in 2013 to go on a five-year spiritual journey that took her to South Africa, where she studied to become a shaman. She defined a shaman as a “healer” who “bridges” the physical and non-physical realms in a number of ways.

“Initiation entails hard training in psychology — identifying a person’s obstacles, executing rituals that call on ancestors for assistance, or guiding them back to harmony with their soul,” the 33-year-old explained.

Pitts spent a lot of money on the procedure. She says she spent more than $100,000 and had to work in marketing and business planning to make ends meet.

In 2018, she came home and began conducting one-on-one spiritual counseling sessions. “Spiritual counseling differs from life coaching,” she clarified. “Most life coaches concentrate on personal development and success. On a more spiritual level, however, I assist my clients in expanding and uplifting their consciousness. This is a time-honored tradition; even the Dalai Lama has a ‘spirit’ counselor.”

According to her, she first charged $197 per session for her services. Her Facebook page was where she got the majority of her clientele. In December 2018, she introduced her first group program, which gave participants access to weekly group coaching calls. She registered 20 individuals in her group program in the first month, but it only brought in roughly $17,000 the next year. Pitts understood she needed to grow her operations and recruit new members by 2020.

“I set a new aim for myself: to recruit an elite clientele, including high-income earners and high-level entrepreneurs.” “I stopped posting on Facebook and started marketing myself through podcasts, interview appearances, and Mighty Networks, a brand community platform,” she explained.

Her current memberships range from $15,000 for group coaching to more than $200,000 per year for exclusive, one-on-one coaching. Despite the hurdles posed by COVID-19, she increased her gross sales to $209,000.

She ended 2021 with $972,000 in her bank account, and she is on course to earn more than $2 million in gross income this year. With her team of a business manager, digital marketing manager, sales specialist, mindset coach, and virtual assistant, she has made an average of $119,000 each month this quarter.






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