Shocking Video Caught Louisiana Deputy Flinging Black Woman By Her Hair And Slamming Her To The Ground

Shocking Video Caught Louisiana Deputy Flinging Black Woman By Her Hair And Slamming Her To The Ground


A video recorded a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office officer hurling a 4-foot-8 Black lady just minutes after she was attacked by a bunch of boys, prompting an investigation in a New Orleans suburb.

It’s unclear who shot the gruesome film, but the unidentified deputy can be seen snatching Shantel Arnold by the wrist and dragging her down the street in a video that’s since gone viral.


The cop was seen picking Arnold up and repeatedly slamming the 100-pound woman to the ground. According to Nola, witnesses claim that the officer struck Arnold’s head into the concrete so violently that several of her braids broke straight from her scalp.

The incident occurred on September 20th, according to reports.

Arnold’s harrowing experience on Monday, however, began long before her encounter with the deputy. Arnold’s tiny size and a lost eye from a previous automobile accident, according to bystanders, made her an easy target for the three lads who attacked her minutes before the deputy arrived.

Bystanders jeered as the woman was beaten and slammed to the ground by the adolescents, who sought to defend herself with a stick.

The incident, which was also captured on cellphone footage, lasted minutes before 71-year-old Lionel Gray chased the lads away, according to the New Orleans daily.

Arnold declined to talk about the event when Jefferson Parish deputies caught up with her as she walked home coated in dirt and in a general state of disorder.

According to witnesses, the deputy pulled over, seized the woman, and flung her to the ground while Arnold flailed ineffectively against the much larger guy. The video ends with the deputy crouching down and placing his knee on the woman’s back.

“I’m on my way home,” Arnold subsequently told the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office internal affairs section of the encounter. I don’t even get to the end of the block before the cops appear out of nowhere, crowding me and yelling, ‘Come here.’ ‘What the hell is going on?’ I think to myself. ‘What ya’ll doing?’ I just got beaten up by two kids.’

“She didn’t have a chance to back away since this person was powerful.” Gray, Arnold’s stepfather, told JPSO investigators, “He grabbed her arm and made some type of maneuver, and she went down to the ground.”

“So I was approaching up to him, and he said, ‘If you get any closer, I’m going to kick everyone’s ass out here,’” he continued. “You don’t have to put that kind of power on that tiny woman right there; she’s a midget,” I told him.

Arnold was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after the interaction with the deputy resulted in many injuries, including a busted lip and various bruising and scratches. Arnold is also known to have headaches on a regular basis. She was not charged with anything. In the meantime, the inquiry is still ongoing.

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