Sick Elderly Black Man Taken Out from Hospital & Abandoned By Sidewalk Because Medicare Stopped Paying for Care

Sick Elderly Black Man Taken Out from Hospital & Abandoned By Sidewalk Because Medicare Stopped Paying for Care

After being discharged from a neighboring hospital because Medicare would not pay his treatment, an unidentified elderly Black man was discovered on a sidewalk in Conyers, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, with medical tubes still attached.

On Thursday, Oct. 14, the 68-year-old man was discovered collapsed near Piedmont Rockdale Hospital. He appeared unresponsive and in need of medical care, according to a 911 caller.

“Poor guy,” says the narrator. According to WSB-TV, the 911 caller stated, “But he probably needs an ambulance and not…” “It’s directly across the street from the Piedmont Rockdale Emergency Entrance.”

According to Conyers Police Deputy Chief Scott Freeman, the individual had been in the hospital’s care for 35 days for unspecified treatment and had been cleared as “fit to depart” by two doctors when the facility was advised that Medicare would not continue to pay for his care.

Security dressed him and led him out of the building.

The man was determined to have “sepsis, a rapid heart rate, fever, a urinary tract infection, and a potential bladder infection” when emergency responders arrived to treat him following the 911 call.

“Common sense dictates that you don’t treat human beings the way we’re witnessing in this case,” said Freeman, who wants to file a report with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs about the event.

“This individual is unresponsive on the sidewalk, and this is how they got him out,” he explained. “They basically left him on the sidewalk after escorting him off the property.” This is horrible; it is not representative of who we are as a city, a county, or even a country. Or, at the very least, it should not be.”

Medicare had not yet issued a statement at the time of this writing.

While Piedmont Healthcare “does their utmost to connect individuals in need” with “appropriate after-hospital care,” whether or not the services are taken is “at the decision of the patient,” according to the company.

“At Piedmont, our mission is to make a positive influence in the lives of everyone we come into contact with.” Only with the patient’s cooperation and agreement can we deliver the finest care. We do our utmost to connect patients in need with community partners and social service groups that can provide appropriate after-hospital care, but the patient ultimately decides whether or not to accept these services.”

The patient’s health has not been updated, however he was rushed back to the emergency room on the same day he was released.






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