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South-Sudan Robotics Team Invents Robot That Can Rid The Nile Of Plastic Pollutants



South-Sudan Robotics Team Invents Robot That Can Rid The Nile Of Plastic Pollutants

A South Sudanese team of teenagers who participated in the annual Robotics and AI competition has built a robot that can rid water bodies of plastics and other toxic materials that pollute the waterways and kill marine life.

The event was the recent First Global Challenge, a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence challenge organized by Dubai Future Foundation, and hosted in Dubai for the first time. The theme of the event was Ocean Opportunities. 

According to Richard Ring; the team mentor, the robot can clean the Nile of plastic pollutants.


Team manager Kuc Mayur Kuc and Team mentor, Richard Ring Kuach, established the South Sudan Robotic in February 2017, with a vision of making south Sudanese youths embrace STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

This is to facilitate their ability to solve real-world problems in agriculture, energy and more after developing their talents and innovative spirit.

Adau, a member of the team, said innovative technology brings people together and that she appeals to the government to fund more innovative ideas across the nation.

The team manager, Kuc Mayur Kuc also stated that the team desires very much for the future of South Sudan to be seen in the progression of science and innovations as a tool for solving the country’s critical challenges like conflicts, health care, water, food insecurity, e.t.c.


Despite the war and conflict in the Sudan region, it is a miracle for the people to still have the focus on technology, and better still, to drive such innovative inventions. The world is looking to Africa as the next destination for technological inventions. This is only proper since about 90% of the raw materials used in the technological world is sourced from Africa.


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