Stolen 18th Century Ethiopian Crown To Be Returned From The Netherlands

Stolen 18th Century Ethiopian Crown To Be Returned From The Netherlands

Every day we wake up to another news of an artifact stolen from Africa being returned by the Europeans who took them. Many Africans rejoice over it, but there is still a larger percentage who don’t care – who don’t know the importance of these artifacts. This is because Africans do not their history seriously, and also because the institutions who are meant to be in charge of documenting and teaching African heritage and history are stooges of the European governments, who push/teach European history instead of Africa’s.

Although the return of the Ethiopian crown is a welcomed development, Africa still has thousands of her ancient and sacred artifacts in various museums and houses in Europe. These artifacts were stolen or taken by force when Europe invaded Africa before and after colonization. The Ethiopian crown was discovered by a man called Sirak Asfaw.

Sirak Asfaw discovered an Ethiopian crown in a suitcase of a visitor. The Ethiopian who fled to the Netherlands in the late 1970s realized the crown was stolen once he saw it. 

Sirak Asfaw left and Arthur Brand say they are waiting for the Ethiopian government to get in touch
Sirak Asfaw, left, and Arthur Brand Pose with the crown

Sirak Asfaw in a chat with BBC said: “Finally, it is the right time to bring back the crown to its owners and the owners of the crown are all Ethiopians”. The management consultant has protected it until he felt safe to send it back to the rightful owners.

Sirak Asfaw is said to have contacted Arthur Brand of Art World for help in returning the crown. Arthur Brand explained, ‘either the crown will disappear or you will if you continue this way’, in a chat with the BBC. 

A brief history from the Ethiopian perspective has it that the said crown is one out of the 20 existing in history. The crown has depictions of God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Disciples of Christ too. The crown is said to have been given to the church by the powerful warlord, Welde Sellase, hundreds of years before now. 

Sirak Asfaw was also quoted as saying, “I want this crown to be a symbol of unity and togetherness. The crown will be celebrated by all Ethiopians and even Africa at large”.

The 18th century Ethiopian Crown is currently being preserved at a high-security facility until a negotiated time to return is agreed upon. However, with the Dutch police being aware, the art hunter placed the artifact in a secure facility as confirmed. An expert equally said it was genuine, and Mr. Brand decided the best course of action was to publicly announce it.

The Ethipian crown
The Ethiopian crown

Abiy Amed, the Ethiopian Prime minister, in an interview with BBC said, “It’s an amazing piece. It’s very big, I feel pity for the people who had to wear it on their heads because when you wear this for a couple of hours your neck hurts”. Both men are waiting for the Ethiopian government to get in touch with the Dutch authorities to plan the return of the crown. 

“I want this crown to be a symbol of unity and togetherness,” Mr. Sirak said. “The crown will be celebrated by all of us Ethiopians, even Africans.”

The 18th-century crown is one of the famous artifacts depicting the history and heritage of Ethiopia, and its return to the country is seen as a great victory for its people.

Source: Afro Legends

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