Story Of Medusa A Tale Of European Fear Of Black Women With Spiritual Power Like The Sibyls

Story Of Medusa: A Tale Of European Fear Of Black Women With Spiritual Power, Like The Sibyls

The journey to fully understanding why there has always been a hate born against the African by Europeans and Arabs for centuries, keeps opening our eyes and minds to various possible reasons littered allover history.

As we become more awakened, we realize that cooked up stories and narratives can be used to destroy a people’s reputation, just so that their heritage can be destroyed or stolen without the feeling of guilt bythe general public.

For centuries, the European man has found a way to paint Africans (Dark-colored people) in a bad light, and by so doing, give themselves the reserved right to persecute a genocide and looting, all in the name of bringing Africans to heel, or giving them civilization.

The story of Medusa was created by Greek society to demonize black women, specifically those involved in traditionally African spiritual practices, with the hopes of discouraging race mixing with the genetically dominant melanated masses and maintain white genetic survival.

Have you ever seen a Black Woman so fine and outrageously beautiful, so majestic, so powerful that her presence alone (even just eye contact), can turn you to stone?

That is the power of the Black Woman.

The Black woman is the primordial human, the prime carrier of melanin, the supreme being of the universe and the mother of humanity.

And this is the power of Medusa.

The Greeks, threatened by her beauty, melanin, allure, spiritual presence, charm and genetics, created a mythology (also known as generational propaganda) to prevent the Greek (Caucasian) men from falling prey to her glory and magnetic magnificence. The myth if left unchecked would ultimately become the gateway for genetic annihilation of the melanin recessive people of early Europe.

According to original author of this article on, the suspicions about the story of Medusa being of African origin and about African women does not have a direct scholarly reference to prove it, but, if you have any reference you could leave it in the comment section or in the forum.

However, there is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Greek Philosophy is stolen Egyptian (African) Philosophy. And that Europe was an absolute wasteland flooded with barbaric cave dwellers until melanated minds brought civilization to them. The entire Greek civilization was founded from knowledge gained while bowing at the feet of African Priests, Magicians, and Kings.

In other words, the “all their sh*t, is our sh*t “phrase is just repurposed to benefit the European.

This can be proven in the works of:

-George G.M. James; Stolen Legacy

-John G. Jackson; Christianity Before Christ

-John G. Jackson; Introduction to African Civilizations

– Martin Bernal; Black Athena and other sources.

This is my theory about the origins of the Medusa story.

Mythology is a way extraordinary concept and phenomena that can be explained in a somewhat relatable way. It is not necessarily literal, but rather viewed as a symbol for an idea that is important enough that it should be remembered.

What does Medusa symbolize in Greek mythology?

Medusa symbolizes a hideous, snake-headed, rape victim who not receive mercy not even from the gods.

She is so evil and so menacing to look at that even a glance at her can turn you to stone. In the mythology she used to be beautiful, desired by all who laid eyes on her, but only in the end to become just a target for bounty hunters who want to kill her.

Now if you can, unpackage the white supremacist perspective of this mythology. If you were a Caucasian from a Greek civilization trying to create a story, or mythology that is to be used by future generations with genetic survival amongst the melanated masses as a primary objective, what would you say?

I imagine even the least intellectual the white people in early Greek civilizations were aware of the genetic threat of ‘race mixing’ with melanated people. They knew if they maintained a pattern of interracial relationships at some point, there would no longer be a such thing as ‘white people’.

So for those members of the society who took it upon themselves to implement strategies for the genetic survival of the Caucasian collective, it became a matter of life and death to exterminate any desire within the Caucasian collective to have intercourse with melanated people.

The foreigners, who had little to no value put on their own women, were probably in absolute awe of an African Priestess. To them, the mystic nature of Africans was already mind boggling, but seeing a beautiful African Priestess in a position of supreme confidence and spiritual power was too much to handle.

That they would have no choice but to turn to stone. She was too beautiful to look away from and too powerful to resist. Not only that, but being unaware of the nature of afro-textured hair left them unable to describe locs or dreadlocks as anything other than ‘snakes’.

So if this black woman is a threat to the genetic survival of caucasians then how do you convince all future generations of caucasian males to avoid this black woman by any means or at any cost?

The natural beautiful, spiritual, holistic, and biologically supreme melanated woman becomes the hideous and undesirable monster that if ever was found should be killed before you even look at her.

Does this sound familiar?

The rhetoric about black women being ‘hideous and undesirable’ stems from caucasian crafted propaganda such as the stories like Medusa.

In Conclusion

This is why the writer thinks that the real story about Medusa was really about creating mythology to deter men (specifically caucasian males) from wanting to reproduce with the melanated woman. In those days, there were relatively few Caucasians in relation to the melanated masses and genetic survival was a major point of focus for early European societies. So, it was extremely important to demonize black women, with hopes of shifting the caucasian global minority into a more dominant position within the exponentially growing, genetically dominant melanated masses. Sadly, it still continues until now.

If black women become ‘undesirable’ by everyone, there would be no more ‘melanated masses’, and eventually all that would remain is melanin deficient descendants of former Caucasus cave dwellers and i believe that was the intent behind the creation of the Medusa story by the Greek society.






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