The Killing Of Frazier Baker And Burning Of His House In 1898

How White Mob Killed Frazier Baker With His Baby Girl & Burnt His House In 1898

Frazier Baker was appointed the first African American postmaster of Lake City, South Carolina, in July 1897 by President William McKinley. Frazier Baker, who was a school teacher, had Lavinia as his wife and was also a father of six. Growing up in Effingham, South Carolina, Baker and Lavinia shared similar stories growing up in … Read more

The Central Park Five – A History Of America's Victimization Of Colored People

The Central Park Five A History Of Americas Victimization Of Colored People

The story of blacks in Americans being tortured, subjected to ill-treatment and facing injustice is endless and has come to symbolize the racial tensions that defined much of the 20th-century race relations in the United States. The Central Park Five trial reads just another injustice witness by the Blacks in America. In April 19, 1989, … Read more