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Tamyra Mensah-Stock Becomes The 1st Black Woman From The U.S. To Win Gold At Wrestling

Tamyra Mensah Stock Becomes The 1st Black Woman From The US To Win Gold At Wrestling

Tamyra Mensah Stock Becomes The 1st Black Woman From The US To Win Gold At Wrestling

Tamyra Mensah-Stock of the United States won gold in the women’s 68-kilogram freestyle final at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday (Aug. 3). The Texas native is only the second woman in history to win an Olympic wrestling gold medal for the United States.

Blessing Oborududu of Nigeria, her competitor, also made history. Oborududu became the first Nigerian wrestler to earn an Olympic medal when she won the silver medal.

Mensah-Stock spoke to the Associated Press after the match about her historic triumph.

The 28-year-old said of herself and Oborududu, “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, look at us representing.” “It’s insanely fantastic. I’m making history, and you’re making history. We’re on the verge of making history. As a result, it meant a lot.”

Mensah-Stock also expressed her desire to encourage other Black women and girls to participate in the sport.

“These young ladies will see themselves in a variety of ways and will look up there and say, ‘I can do that,’” she explained. “I can see myself,” she added.

“Well, to know that you’re the best, you have to defeat the best,” she concluded. “That’s what I keep telling myself”. It makes no difference what the outcome is. You go out and defeat whatever is in front of you because that’s how you prove to yourself that you’re the best. I’m the bad draw.”

Mensah-father, Stock’s who was born in Ghana, died when she was still in high school. “He would have been the loudest one here,” she stated after winning. He’d have been ecstatic.”

According to a press statement from Team USA, she stated, “I’m feeling extremely thrilled and I keep trying not to weep, but it keeps occurring.” “I simply want to cry in a dark room, yet I’m crying because I’m happy.”

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