Texas Mother Fatally Shoots Her Daughter’s Paternal Grandmother Over Custody Police Reports

Texas Mother Fatally Shoots Her Daughter’s Paternal Grandmother Over Custody, Police Reports

Authorities in Texas say a woman fatally shot her 3-year-old daughter’s paternal grandmother over custody issues. During a meeting, the deadly incident occurred inside a Starbucks on East Renner Road. According to FOX 4, police stated the suspect, Tranisa Watts, shot and killed Kentoria Edwards in the presence of the child.

According to Edwards’ family, the deceased grandmother had full custody of Jordyn Page for the majority of her existence. Watts, on the other hand, did not have custody of her daughter Jordyn and had no involvement in her life. Jordyn’s father and the suspect are also estranged.

Despite the fact that the two had never met, Edwards, 52, agreed to meet Watts at Starbucks on Monday. Watts opened fire on Edwards during the encounter, according to police, so she could abduct the minor.

Edwards’ niece, Jazmin Parnell, stated, “I don’t know what was going through her head yesterday.” “They haven’t had any contact with her.”

Watts visited Edwards’ home to see the deceased grandma and Jordyn before the meeting at Starbucks, according to Parnell. They weren’t at home at the time, however. Edwards agreed to meet with Watts later, and she was accompanied by an adult family member to Starbucks.

Watts allegedly shot Edwards and attempted to flee the Starbucks with Jordyn, according to FOX 4. Watts was apprehended by police before she could flee the area. Edwards was taken to the hospital, where she died as a result of her injuries.

“Pure evilness,” Parnell explained, “because my auntie loved her granddaughter.”

Watts is being jailed on a $1 million bond after being charged with capital murder. “She adored Jordyn,” Parnell said of her aunt. “She gave her life to defend her granddaughter.”






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