Texas Officer Seen Dragging Black Man Down The Street For Not Showing ID

Texas Officer Seen Dragging Black Man Down The Street For Not Showing ID


Footage released on Tuesday depicts the event that resulted in a San Antonio police detective being suspended without pay for 20 days.

Detective David Pantoja is seen in the video carrying a shackled Black guy, Joshua Coney, along the street. Pantoja was suspended for six months after the incident, which occurred on January 30. This Monday, KSAT received footage from the interaction.


Officers Pantoja and Robert Ferguson were both observed pulling Coney. Coney was allegedly “unnecessarily dragged” and denied medical care when he requested them, according to his suspension documents.

Officers drag Coney in a seated position as he looks the opposite direction in the 11-second video.

According to the filing, “Detective Pantoja did not properly grasp the laws and ordinances he was responsible for upholding when he issued the citation in question.” Pantoja and Ferguson were forced to drag Coney to the patrol truck when he made his body go limp, according to an incident report.

Coney also “attempted to shove both of his legs beneath the rear of my patrol vehicle as though he had been ran over by a police vehicle,” according to him.

Pantoja also issued Coney a misdemeanor ticket for failing to provide his identification when questioned, despite the fact that this is not a citable violation.

The papers stated that “Pantoja did not properly grasp the rules and ordinances that he was responsible for executing when he issued the citation in question.”

Ferguson was also suspended for six days for his actions during the incident.

Pantoja challenged the 20-day suspension the day it was imposed but eventually agreed to the punishment. Since 1996, he has been a member of the San Antonio Police Department.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Pantoja has been suspended from the department for being “rude, unprofessional, and unreasonable” during traffic encounters. Both incidences occurred in 2015, and each resulted in a four-day punishment.

Pantoja accused a lady who failed to yield to an ambulance of having narcotics in her vehicle and “possibly caused the death of the person in the ambulance” in one of the cases. Pantoja is also accused of threatening to pull a person’s trailer “out of spite” and issue a citation with “no justification,” according to court papers.

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