The Attempt By The Nigerian Government To Criminalize The Biafran Heritage Of Ndi Igbo

The Attempt By The Nigerian Government To Criminalize The Biafran Heritage Of Ndi Igbo

If we are not careful as educated and exposed Ndi Igbo, we will use our big mouths and myopia to help our detractors erase our heritage.

The symbols above are social-political and heritage symbols of the North and of the East respectively.

These symbols represent the aspirations of the various peoples who adorn them.

The North wears their Arewa symbols on their cloths and is always quick to conjure it to any gathering of Nigerians. And no one harasses them for wearing it.

The East is known as the land of the rising sun, and Ndị Igbo (by virtue of the sacrifice of over 5million souls) are eternally bound to that symbol super imposed on the green, red, and black.

But today, the North who controls the military and security apparatus of Nigeria has set out to criminalize a symbol which is connected to the soul of every Igbo man and woman, saboteur or not.

Now, anyone who wears these colors with the rising sun symbol is a criminal.

And guess what; our “over sabi” Igbo brethren are helping the North and her allies to beat the drum which erases our heritage from the second symbol (Biafran symbol) and slams the term “IPOB terrorists and Unknown gunmen” on it.

But what our myopic brethren do not know is that they are helping the enemy bury everything that is noble about the Igbo, just because of their hate of MNK and IPOB.

Because if we allow them criminalize the colors on the Biafran flag (which many other African nations use) and the symbols of the rising sun, we have only but aided in the criminalization of African freedom and liberties, with Igbo oppression as the pilot phase.

If we use our nonsense big English and allow the North to criminalize the Biafran colors and symbols, then we have automatically told the world that “We don’t give a damn about the over 5 million of our people killed in the 1966-1970 genocide.”

If we allow the power hungry north to criminalize our historic-socio-political identity, one day we will wake up and the Isi Agụ/Isi Odum we wear will be outlawed in certain parts of the country. Then our language will follow.

Ụmụnne m let us apply some sense or we will forever doom ourselves and our children’s generation to vile hate and further subjugation.

~ Chuka Nduneseokwu






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