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The Awakened Black Person Must Work Hard To Awaken Our Many Lost Younger Men And Women

The Awakened Black Man Remains Alone In A World Where 95% Of Black Women Are Asleep

The battle to reclaim our rights, heritage, and lost glory, as dark-skinned people of the world, has in recent times, reached a boiling point, and now more than ever requires the involvement of every black man and woman, both back home in Africa, and in the diaspora.

But what we have come to realize is that a very good number of Black men and women are still asleep, and do not even know that there is a war going on, and that we are fighting to reclaim our rightful place, in terms of herutage, spirituality, and selfworth.

Many are awakened, and are preaching the message of our ancestors. But many too are asleep, and are lost in the false world, religion, and ideology, of the colonizers.


It is then our duty as awakened people to reach out and try to awake those who are sleeping.

While we are pointing out the need for the awakened to help awaken the sleepy, we must also point out the frustration that will normally arise when an awakened person, is in a relationship with lost brother or sister, who does not care about our struggles as a people.

Finding a true awakened companion who sees the world from your perspective, as an awakened black man/woman, is so hard these days, for the younger generation. More so, finding a large pool of young awakened black women or men standing up and being self-aware, and bringing up their children in pride and truth, seems like a miracle to find. One can say, it is next to impossible.

There are many awakened young men and women, but when compared to entire population of Black women, we can say that we have about 50% of our people still lost in the matrix.


From personal observation, 1 out of every 1,000 (in Africa), and 100 out of every 1000 (In America), young Black men/women are awakened and self-aware of themselves and the battle against their collective existence as Africans/Dark-skinned people/Blacks.

So that means is that many awakened men/women have to somehow date/marry Black women/men who don’t care about their identity, heritage, history, and ancient African spirituality.

These awakened Black men/women, have to swallow the shallowness of their partner and live with it or take their time to teach them. From all indications, it can be frustrating, when the person does not care about the things you worry about as an awakened black individual.

Often times, when an “awakened black person” talks about the liberation struggles of the Black man in terms of religion, culture, identity, and spirituality, and how the fight is still raging on, he is met with shallow responses from the partner. At other times, he/she laughs and makes it seem as though the awakened person is saying irrelevant nonsense.


For the man/woman still asleep, they are ready to throw away their identity, culture, heritage, spirituality, and hug the western narrative, all in the name of being civilized.

Sometimes, those who are not selfaware can be careless enough to make statements like: “Please stop all these your Black and African nonsense, Its not worth. The world has moved on.”

You see, in such cases, the awakened man/woman feels betrayed, and in many cases, begins to lose that mental/spiritual connection with their partner. The relationship and marriage now become one where there is a physical and emotional connection, but no spiritual and mental connection.

And for awakened people, without spiritual and mental connection, there will always exist a gap – a gap which will threaten the marriage/relationship, if another awakened man/woman spots it and goes ahead to fill it for the awakened man.


The European colonizers and invaders knew the importance of capturing the mind of the African woman. They knew she was very powerful mentally and spiritually, and they did their best to dismantle her belief in herself and her spiritual heritage.

They also knew that the man was the protector of his family, so they did all they could to make the man loose every sense of his powers when it came to protecting the heritage, spirituality, culture and land of his ancestors.

And over the decades and centuries, through religious and social indoctrination of African man/woman, we now a vast population who know nothing of the power they possess. We now have 95% (In Africa) and 50% (In America) of our men/women who see themselves powerful, only in their ability to look “rich, holy, sexy, and important” in foreign believes, religions, attires, hairs, and make-ups. We now have African men/women who believe their only spiritual power comes from a “European-looking Jesus Christ”.

It is also important for us to put a little blame on the older generation, who have not done enough in bringing their young ones up to know their true history and heritage. As an aged Black person, if you taught your children all about the western world, without teaching them more about African and her heritage, then you have failed them.


Many Black men/women have lost their place of power and respect and have been socially engineered to birth and indoctrinate the next generations of Black children in shallowness.

Even though that is the case, we must not forget to praise the 5% of our Black men/women (in Africa) and the 50% of our men/women (In America), who are at the front lines of the spiritual and mental reawakening of our people. We see them standing at protests. We see them returning to the religions of our ancestors. We see them preaching Black liberations, in all forms, shapes, and manners. We see them standing up for our people.

We want to say: “carry on, strong and brave brothers and sisters. We shall overcome at the end.”

And to the awakened man/woman who seems frustrated with his non-awakened partner, I say hang in there. It took over 1,000 years for our people to be stripped of their identity – it will take a great deal of time and preaching to restore us to our former place of glory. Be patient with him/her, and teach with love. By the grace of mother nature and our ancestors, we will save as many of our women and men as possible.


Ancestors guide!!!

This Piece was Written By Chuka Obiwuru-Igbo Nduneseokwu


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