The Batammariba People Of Africa That Mastered Penis Enlargement Before Plastic Surgery

The penis is a component of the body that males take seriously. The first thing a man examines for safety in his body is his penis, according to reports and evidence.

The masculine ego is symbolized by the penis. Males who have a smaller penis feel less macho than men who have massive tubers between their legs. It is stated that white male rage toward black men stems from the fact that the black man’s penis is three times the size of a white man’s largest penis.

Social media is flooded with advertisements for penis enlargement lotions, pills, and procedures. Although it has not been proven whether penile enlargement solutions are effective, there is a tribe in Africa that has mastered the art of penis enlargement long before the advent of plastic surgery.

People of Batammariba

The Batammariba, also known as the Somba people of Togo and Benin, were masters of male enlargement and elongation, which they performed during initiation.

Before plastic surgery, an African tribe mastered penis enlargement. The true meaning of Batammariba is claimed to be “the people who are the true builders of the land,” yet conquerors also gave them the moniker Tamberma, which means “Good Builders.”

The Batammariba are believed to number around 176000 people, with around 140,000 (the majority) living in Benin and about 36,000 in Togo. Otammari is a Tamberma tribe member who goes by the name Betammaribe and speaks the Ditammari language.

Their spirituality is centered on nature since they revere Butan, the Earth Goddess. Kuiye’s complement, Butan, the goddess of the Earth and the Underworld, is either Kuiye’s wife or twin. Butan is in charge of all that occurs within or on the surface of the Earth, including vegetative growth and agriculture, game proliferation, graves, and so on.

Her physical shape, which is unseen to humans, is supposed to resemble that of a mudfish, an animal that is claimed to spew a limitless amount of water. Her major shrine is a local spring as a result of this. Bupe is her complementary soul, and it manifests as the Earth’s surface.


The Batammariba, who lived in the hilly regions of both West African countries, were known for their ancient elongation technique as well as their building prowess.

In Togo, they live among the Kabye (kabre), Togo’s second-biggest ethnic group, in the northern Kara regions of Northern Togo.

They live in the Atakora mountain range of northeastern Benin, where they are known as Somba, and share a border with their Gur relatives in neighboring Burkina Faso, who also have a strong interest in architecture.

Agronomic herdsmen, the Batammariba live in the hills and valleys. They abhor any type of dominance and slavery since they are clannish by nature. Their movement from various places, established in tiny groups but keeping their societal customs of origin, has been followed via historical research. It would be a mistake to assume the Batammariba tribe is a cohesive group.

Despite differences in ceremonial rituals, they all affirm allegiance as “Serpent Children” thanks to the Batammariba language. They think they are the descendants of a great, unseen underground “Serpent Mother” who laid their forefathers’ first eggs.

Process of Penis Enlargement

The procedure of penile elongation and augmentation was used to initiate males into adulthood.

A traditional herb is pulverized and smeared on the penis, followed by the cutting of a tree branch or ivory, and the creation of a hole of a specific size for the initiate.

According to ancient reports, the initiate places his penis in it for several months until it reaches the size and length of his choice, at which point he can remove it.

Rich clothing is draped over the shoulders of the novices, cowries are hung around their necks and waists, and horned headdresses are placed on their heads during the last public rites of initiation.

Batammariba Enlargement of the penis

I’ll leave you to picture the sizes that might arise following the initiation for a bit.

To have a unique ceremony designated to elongate the penis, it must be highly esteemed among the people.

There is still a great deal to learn about Africa.

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