The Dog And The Wolf As A Litmus for Northern and Southern Nigeria

The Dog And The Wolf As A Litmus for Northern and Southern Nigeria

The Dog and the wolf both have 99% similarities in their DNA. But somehow the Dog has been man’s friend for thousands of years while the wolf has refused to be loved, tamed or become friendly towards man. 

The aforementioned scenario would do justice to the behavior and nature of the Northerners and South-Easterners in Nigeria. The Northerners (Hausa-Fulani) have become like the wolf and have for almost 100 years been killing the Igbo and other ethnic minorities in the North and South. While the South-Easterners (and other Southerners) have spread love and prosperity everywhere they went, just like the Dog.

But oftentimes when we propose that the Dog and the wolf should be separated and put in different habitats,  a great many would refuse and say No. They would argue that since the dog and wolf have the same DNA, that they are brothers and so should stay together. Even when they know that the wolf is always ready to kill the dog.

This narrative is meant for my Igbo brothers who always say: “We are one with the North,  we are brothers.  Let us remain in one Nigeria and keep patching it. We are all black Africans.” To this lot,  I say: “wake up”.

There is a reason why we speak different languages and have different cultures. How can I be one with people who do not respect the sanctity of human life? How can I live side by side with wild beasts and be expected to call them brothers?

Nature in its Infinite wisdom separated the dogs from the wolves – why is the African man trying to undo himself by putting them in the same home? Why do you expect peace from a bloodthirsty and Jihadist wolf? 





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