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The Egyptian DNA Case: The Unending Attempt By Caucasians To Steal Kemetic History



The Egyptian DNA Case The Unending Attempt By Caucasians To Steal Kemetic History

We are at a point in our history where our very heritage as Africans and Black people is under threat of theft by unrelenting caucasians who can’t swallow the fact that Africans built such a magnificent civilization like Thebes/Kemet/Egypt.

And to solidify their heritage and history theft, they have continued to dig up the entire ancient land mass of Memet, looking for proofs to twist to the theory that ancient Egypt was white. And in all of this, Africans do not know what is going on. All over the internet, Ancient Egyptian history and herutage is been revised and made to look Caucasian.

And so, we ask ourselves: Is the report made by the media on May 31st 2017 about the DNA of 90 Ancient Egyptian mummies to be of Middle Eastern and European origin true? 


The information in this report has made many who believe that ancient Egypt civilization was a White Civilization happy but how do we determine which people were at the origin of a civilization?

The choice of sites and the choice of the time period

If one wants to determine the origin of a people through choice of sites then documents of the time period should be consulted to discover the places that were important at that time because those places are the most likely places important people of that time were buried.

Determination through the choice of time period shows that the people who lived in the older times or who founded the city will be of lower antiquity when compared with others who lived after they did.

Therefore, to determine the people at the origin of a civilization, the historical documentation of the important places at that time and the time period should be first considered.


This is what the Egyptian historical documents say:

4000 BC: The birth of the first dynasty. Found between Sudan and southern Egypt which eventually spread to the whole north around 3300 BC.

3300 BC-1730 BC: the rule of the dynasties which originated from the first dynasty (southern Egypt and Sudan).

1730 BC-1540 BC: The rule of the Hyksos (West Semitic and Levantine origin) who were probably white conquered the north of Egypt forcing the Theban Kings (indigenous rulers) to retreat to the south.

1540 BC-1070 BC: The reconquest of the North by the Thebans under the rule of Ahmose I, thus reestablishing their control over the whole of Egypt again.


1070 BC-663 BC: The black Libyans who were ally with the Whites invasion of the North of Egypt and their rule forcing the indigenous authority to retreat again to the south. In this period the Sudanese came after and ruled over the whole territory.

663 BC-332 BC: The reign of the white Persian invaders which was followed by that of the Egyptians.

332 BC-641 AD: The invasion of Egypt and rule of the Greeks, and the Romans who entered through the north.

641 AD to the present day: The rule of the Arabs with Turkish and British intervals.


This further means that for the accurate determination of the genetic makeup of the ancient Egyptians, the remains of the kings from the south which is found at the Valley of kings in genetic should be analysed. Also remains dated between 4000BC-1730BC and 1540BC-1070BC should also be considered.

What Do The Previous Genetic Researches Say About The Ancient Egyptians?

According to the results of the main study conducted by the US laboratory DNA Tribes in 2012 on the three most famous Pharaohs who ruled around 1400BC; Amenhotep III, Tutankhamen and most likely Pharaoh Akhenaten and also the maternal grandparents of Akhenaten ( Yuya and Tuya) it showed that they all came from the south of Sahara, Africa.

The DNA Tribes Results also show 3-7 compatibility of the White semitics, Europeans or Berbers to be ancient Egyptians when compared with the index of the genetic compatibility of Southern Africa, Great Lakes, Central Africa and West Africa.

Also, the result of a study conducted by Zahi Hawass in 2012 on the Pharaoh Ramesses III who ruled around 1200BC showed the presence of the E1b1a gene which is an African gene. The same result was gotten in 2013 by the DNA tribes when the same pharaoh and his son( Pentawret) were further examined.


Therefore the result of the study done by Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Institute in Germany that fueled the media report of May 21st 2017 is just a speculation as his study did not take into consideration the choice of sites and time period of the origin(ruling) of the native Ancient Egyptians.

Also the examined mummies supposed to prove that the Egyptians were white were only three, which is a small number to conclude on such a large population and they came from an irrelevant and single site found in the North of Egypt which was constantly under the rule of foreigners and white settlers. The sample is invalid and cannot determine the origin of the ancient Egyptians. It is just another racist attempt to forge African history.


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