The Etruscans History Of The First Romans Who Were Black People

The First Romans Were Black People Called The Etruscans – Read The Full History, Even Though Caucasians Disagree

Before you dive into this article, please have an open mind. The debates around this topic have been enormous, and we will continue to present these facts in different forms and in a continous manner, till we come to a consensus from the two races which hold claim to Roman ancestory: The black and White Race.

The struggle to regain the Black man’s pride and heritage has been arduous, but ultimately rewarding. After hundreds of years of lies about the Black man, nature has allowed us to experience a profound reawakening, with information concerning ancient Black civilizations being revealed on a regular basis.

The knowledge we’ve accumulated about the history of Black civilizations has put the Black race on a new road, one of pride and self-awareness. Which African school would have imagined Africans knowing these secrets? Actually, there aren’t any. This is because, even now, many African schools’ curricula are determined by European governments.

Black folks were the first humans on the planet. And, because this is true and has been verified by historians, scientists, and archeologists, it is safe to assume that Black people governed various parts of Europe for thousands and hundreds of years before Europeans arrived.

Italy, which is best known for housing Rome, was previously inhabited by Etruscans, who were black people.

Legend has it that they were descended from refugees led by the swarthy (dark-skinned) prince Aeneas after Troy was conquered by the Greeks. The Etruscans’ monuments and paintings indicated that they were Africans – black people.

They were the original founders of Rome, according to history, and were sensual and artistic people. Ra Ouma, which means “place protected by Ra,” was the initial name for Rome.

The Etruscans’ worship of Ra indicates that they had a spiritual, physical, and cultural connection to Kemet (kmt), ancient Egypt, or Phoenicia. African peoples, the Sicani and the Liburni, occupied ancient Italy, according to archeological findings.

The Pelasgians, or Kemetians (Black people), who lived in southern Greece, also colonized the Palatine, one of Rome’s seven hills, according to the Roman writer Virgil. The Romans later developed a mixed race and became known as ” Latins.”

However, the African element had a significant role in Rome’s history. From charioteers to warriors, generals, and Emperors, the Blacks were everywhere. The Sibyls, African prophetesses who composed the famed Sibylline Prophecies, were Rome’s most famous Oracles. The Christians later plagiarized these writings. The original Vatican, which was a temple to Mami Wata, goddess of the sea, was built by African Sibyls.

Historical Proof Irrefutable

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that many tales of Rome’s origins published on the internet or in literature are false. They are Caucasian impersonations of the Etruscans, who occupied Etruria at the time (ancient Rome).

The first albinos (Caucasians), known as “the Latins,” began to migrate to Italy from the Eurasian plains. They most likely traveled into Greece with the Hellenes and subsequently into Italy, which was a Black region.

Because the Caucasians were violent and invasive, contact between the Caucasians and the Black residents of Italy was chaotic.

It’s worth noting that the earliest Black settlers were not restricted to Italy (Rome), but also included Greece and the Aegean region. When the White invaders’ threats and brutality grew, the Blacks in these places established a partnership. They packed their goods, boarded their ships, and left their homeland in vast numbers. Some remained behind to defend their territories and deal with the white Etruria.

The Etruscans (the black owners of Rome) had a distinct style of construction. Their homes were erected on steep slopes with high walls surrounding them. Although Caucasian Roman mythology states that the walls were built by white Romans, verifiable history and Etruscan chronicles show that the ancient walls of Rome and the Vatican were built by blacks.

You can click on this link to properly comprehend and obtain all of the documentation related to this significant historical truth. It provides more extensive narratives with images and archeological evidence to refute Caucasian historians who continue to lie and distort history in order to denigrate the achievements and heritage of African-Americans throughout history.

The following are a few images that show the earliest Romans’ Black identity:

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