The Great Queen of Nubia, Amani Rina – Kingdom of Kush

The Great Queen of Nubia, Amani Rina – Kingdom of Kush
The Great Queen of Nubia, Amani Rina – Kingdom of Kush

The Kingdom of Nubia, centered in Sudan and the Southern Egyptian Nile valley, was indeed the ancient Kingdom of Kush. The Kushite period of rule was established in Nubia after the end of the Late Bronze Age and the breakdown of the New Kingdom of Egypt. Throughout its early stage, the Kush kingdom was based around the city of Napata.

Who was a “Kandaka” and where was the name from?

Many people may ask about the title of Kandaka. The name had emerged from a long time ago, specifically during the era of the Kingdom of Kush, which ruled Sudan more than four thousand years ago. At that time the queens were referred to as the “Kandaka” and it means, “The Great Queen.”

A number of historians say that the word “Kandaka” gave birth to feminine European name “Candice”. History also accounts that the name “Kush Kingdom” which is also known as the Nubian civilization or Ethiopia is mentioned in the Bible in the Old and New Testament in the story of the guardian of the treasures referring to Kandaka as the Queen of Ethiopia.

The word “Ethiopia” was mentioned in the Old and New Testaments, and it referred to the present land of Sudan, not to present-day Ethiopia.

The First Kandaka

The first person to hold the title of Kandaka in the history of Sudan is the first queen, Kandaka Amani Rinas.

According to historians, Amani Rinas was born in the year 40 BC and died in the year 10 BC. She was the wife of the Meroitic King Tretakas and suceeded him to the throne after his death.

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Amani Rinas was the first wife of the king, and she was called the Kandaka according to the usual practice, but the title during her reign took on a new meaning: “The Great Queen”.

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