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The Great Sphinx – Means The Higher Consciousness Of Man Dominating His Animal Nature

The Great Sphinx - Means The Higher Consciousness Of Man Dominating His Animal Nature

Art is an essential part of civilization. It expresses the cultural, emotional, intellectual, and religious beliefs of the people found at the time. And it was in this time where art lived up to its reasons that the Great Sphinx of Giza was sculpted.

The Great Sphinx of Giza is the oldest known monumental sculpture in Egypt. This sculpture that traces back to the old kingdom period is a giant limestone statue of a reclining sphinx with a lion’s body and a Pharoah’s (Human) head. It is believed to be a mythical creature representing a form of the powerful Sungod and the incarnation of royal power. 

This sculpture that is believed to be a spiritual guardian by the Egyptians and a representation of the Pharoah Khafre stands on the Giza plateau on the Westbank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt.

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Therefore, it is brilliant and deserving that this one of the world’s largest monument is linked to the higher consciousness of man as explained in a lecture from 1994 recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Anthony Browder.

Anthony Browder is a renowned publisher, author, cultural historian, artist and researcher of Ancient Egyptian history, science, philosophy and culture.

This more than three decades devoted teacher, who has led 20 archaeological missions to Egypt and also the first African American to fund and coordinate an archaeological dig in Egypt has also concluded that the Ancient Egyptians are the backbone of the core facets( scientific, religious, philosophical) of mankind.

In the 1994 lecture, Anthony T. Browder explains the true name and meaning behind the ” Great Sphinx of Giza” which is called “Heru-em-akhet” by the Egyptians.

He explains that the head on the lion’s body represents the face of Heru which is a symbolic representation of the divine intellect or the supreme higher consciousness within man.


He describes the lion form of the monument as a representation of the animal nature that exists within all men, comparing the worst of human behaviors with the characteristics or behaviors of animals. However, the animal form of the monument which is expressed in a calm and controlled state demonstrates the power of the higher consciousness found in man which by tapping into our higher self and refining our mind we can tame the beast within.

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