They Are Now Targeting Denzel – As Katie Couric 2004 Interview Resurfaces, Saying He Jumped All Over Her

There Are Now Targeting Denzel – As Katie Couric 2004 Interview Resurfaces, Saying He ‘Jumped’ All Over Her

Denzel Washington’s reputation has been in the spotlight for the second time in as many weeks due to another person’s less-than-flattering incident with the actor. Journalist Katie Couric is the most recent person to reveal a former encounter with Washington, causing uproar among followers.

Couric’s resurrected comments date back to a guest appearance on Danny Pellegrino’s podcast “Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino” last year. The experienced on-air personality reflected on her career, recalling how the “Training Day” star left her “shaken” and “uncomfortable” following a 2004 interview. Washington and her co-star Meryl Streep were promoting their political thriller “The Manchurian Candidate” at the time.

Washington’s remarks, according to Couric, were anything but expected when he was asked about his thoughts on Hollywood stars and politics colliding.

During the April 27, 2020, episode, Couric remarked, “I think he really misinterpreted a question I asked and kind of jumped all over me.” She recalled the following exchange:

Couric: “Denzel, are you — do you feel— you know, some people say Hollywood folks should stick to acting?”

“First of all, I don’t know what Hollywood people are,” Washington responded. “Hollywood is a town where you can see stars on the street.” I’m not familiar with anyone from that area. So, I’m not going to name you a type of person. I’m not one of those Hollywood types. “I have no idea who they are.”

“OK, all right, let me reword the question,” Couric says. Are you one of those individuals that —”

“Ah, there you go,” Washington says. Is it possible that I am one of those people? “Isn’t that intriguing?”

“Oh, stop, stop, stop,” says Couric.

“No, don’t stop,” Washington says. What you just said was heard by me. ‘Am I one of those individuals?’ “I’m not doing it.”

The veteran persisted in her line of questioning, hoping to persuade Washington to reveal his position on publicly disclosing his political views.

During her recollection of the unpleasant interaction, Couric added, “I don’t know what occurred.” She then mentioned the actor’s donation to her Stand Up to Cancer foundation.

“Anyway, I guess he was having a horrible day,” she explained, “since he later gave a substantial check to my colon cancer group, which I thought was extremely lovely.” “I adore him and appreciate him greatly, but I remember leaving out feeling a little disturbed by the fact that he had gone for me in an oddly uncalled-for manner.”

Washington’s supporters were outraged, and Couric was chastised for what they saw as an attempt to smear the star’s name.

“They’re starting to focus on Denzel…

In Hollywood, he’s a powerful, intellectual Black man who knows what he wants…

And that’s scary,” one of Washington’s fans said on Twitter.

Denzel is becoming a target…. In Hollywood, he’s a powerful, intellectual Black man who knows what he wants… And that is risky.

30 September 2021 — Will (@willishl)

“Caucasity is back in the game!!!”

Caucasity is back in action!!!

30 September 2021 — Dee Lee (@trinalee266)

“Katie Couric and Ellen Pompeo were expecting Denzel Washington to bow down to them, only to be put in their place by Denzel.”

Denzel Washington put Katie Couric and Ellen Pompeo in their place after they expected him to kneel down to them.

30 September 2021 — TV Fanatic (@TvKhaleesi)

After saying she and the Oscar winner had an epic clash on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy” years ago, actress Ellen Pompeo was under criticism a week previous to Couric repeating the contents of the 2004 interview.

Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey on the show, remembers Washington stepping in to direct an episode, and with that came the duty of providing direction and comments to the players for each scene. Pompeo was not pleased with the latter.

“Denzel went all out on my arse.” ‘I’m the director,’ he said. “Don’t you tell him what to do,” she said, recalling a moment when she had to improvise a line that wasn’t in the script. “I was like, ‘Listen, m———-r, this is my show,’” Pompeo retorted. This is my collection. Who are you going to tell? ‘Like, you don’t even know where the restroom is.’

She went on to say that the “Equalizer” actor “doesn’t know s–t about directing TV” and that he is a movie star who “doesn’t know s–t about directing movies.”

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