This 8 Year Old African American Neuroscientist Teaches Neuroscience Online Amoy Antunet

This 8 Year Old African American Neuroscientist Teaches Neuroscience Online -Amoy Antunet


Amoy Antunet, a young smart kid from Atlanta, Georgia, is a young whiz kid. After seeing her father’s microscope at the age of three, the “Brain-box” was hooked on science. She became her father’s “study companion” as a result. Davin Shepherd, a 43-year-old college student, began teaching to his daughter all he was studying in his biology lectures.

Amoy began her studies with a collection of test tubes, imitation organs, microscopes, and chemicals she made herself in a lab in her bedroom.


She began appearing on the internet alongside her father when she was five years old. Also, from the lab, doing experiments and offering science classes.

The Daily Mail recently noted, “Donning a white lab coat, Amoy dissects mind-boggling issues such as cell division, the heart, pH testing, and her favorite – the brain.”

“Science for Children with Amoy Antunet” is Amoy Antunet’s Facebook page. Her videos have been seen over a million times.

Amoy Antunet enjoys math and gymnastics as well. She says she makes movies to “assist others in understanding different forms of science.”

“I used to say I wanted to be a pharmacist when I was a little child, but now I want to be a neurosurgeon who treats patients with neurological illnesses.

“So far, I’ve largely learned about the heart and the brain, but I’d like to study more about Multiple Sclerosis in the future so that I can help sick individuals like my aunt, who suffers from it. My father will instruct me.”

A Proud Father Of A Genius Child

Shepherd, Amoy’s father, is ecstatic about his daughter. He claims he will continue to support his talented daughter in her endeavors.

“At first, I thought it was nice, but then I noticed how well she understood some of it,” he explained.

“After a while, it became a joint activity for us. We went through the lessons together, and she pretended to teach me, and that’s how we learned. It’s now one of her favorite things to do during her free time. She’ll slip on a lab coat and dash to the lab, where she’ll do anything she wants.”

Amoy Antunet has been invited to the Neuroscience Lab at the University of Alabama. She has also spoken about Alzheimer’s disease on CNN, the BBC, and other prominent media sites, as well as at conferences.

The gorgeous genius recently spoke at a Youth Innovation Summit as a keynote speaker. This encourages pupils to become more interested in STEAM and STEM programs.

“If you take away the science stuff, I’m actually fairly normal,” the 8-year-old savant remarked at the summit in January, telling youngsters to “act on their potential, and if there’s something you truly want, you should act on it.”

This tiny black girl is on the rise, and we’ll be keeping an eye on her in the coming years.

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