This 8-Year-Old Boy Was Denied Admission Into Two Schools In UK Because Of His Long Natural Hair

This 8-Year-Old Boy Was Denied Admission Into Two Schools In UK Because Of His Long Natural Hair

In the United Kingdom, several schools have refused to admit an 8-year-old child because of his hair, and the kid’s mother is fighting to reform the regulations that are preventing her son from receiving an education.

For the past year, Bonnie Miller has been looking for secondary schools for her son Farouk James, but thus far, only two have accepted him because of his long, thick natural hair.

Miller’s oldest son, who is now 23 years old, attended The London Oratory School, despite the fact that she was aware of the school’s poor hair policies at the time. Miller assumed that after ten years, the school would have made changes to their policy. This was one of the reasons why she attempted to enroll Farouk but was denied entrance.

Unfortunately, time and space did not prevent the school from enforcing their standards, as Miller found out the hard way the last time she got into a fight with them about her older son’s hair being too short for the school’s requirements.

According to her, her son’s hair was cut excessively short, and he received three warnings and was nearly expelled from school as a result. “I went to the shoe store and bought some boot polish,” she said, referring to the CBS News report.

Farouk’s long hair, according to the London Oratory School, is also a violation of the school’s dress code this time around.

Interestingly, Miller has two sons who are of mixed race. Because his father is of Ghanaian descent, James’ hair was not clipped until he was three years old, as is customary in the country.

”At that time, he had become emotionally tied to his gorgeous hair — and I had become emotionally attached to it as well,” Miller recalled. “All we did was keep the hair.”

When it came time to apply for secondary schools, their decision to keep his hair did not appear to be likely to make a commotion in the future.

A similar incident occurred at Fulham Boys School, where a student with dreadlocks was expelled from the school due to the style of his locks.

The case was brought to court by the boy’s mother because of the hair restriction. They were able to negotiate an arrangement and avoid going to court. “They stated that in light of what has transpired, they will be revising their policies.”

Initially, Miller believed Fulham Boys School would be more welcoming of her son because of his newfound maturity, but little did she realize that rules had changed for the worst in her eyes.

According to Miller, the school has implemented two racist policies: one prohibiting the wearing of dreadlocks and another prohibiting the wearing of braids.

According to the uniform and appearance rules of the Fulham Boys School, “the maximum hair length is above the collar and the minimum hair length is a number 2 cut.”

According to her, her son’s hair prevented him from being accepted into either of the schools she considered. According to her, “the majority of institutions with these hair restrictions are Christian schools — which is strange because Jesus had long hair,” she explained. “That means that if Jesus were alive today, he would not be able to go into those schools.”

Miller considered co-ed institutions as an alternative, but their hair policies were also restrictive. According to Miller, he was thinking about children who are non-gender, gender neutral, and transgender, and he was wondering, “How would these children fit into this?”

According to her, these are rising problems that must be addressed immediately. “Who has the authority to determine what is feminine and what is masculine? “I’m going to register him as nonbinary and see what the school has to say about it,” she explained further.

As a result of her inability to find a private school that will accept James because of his long hair, Miller has decided to raise awareness about the issue and assist others in the process by starting an online campaign on to abolish hair discrimination in the United Kingdom.

She is also petitioning the Houses of Parliament and the Education Secretary on her behalf, urging them to petition schools.

“We’re putting together a genuine team and naming it the Mane Generation,” Miller explained. “We’re going to fight this until the regulations are changed,” said the group. And it affects people all across the world, not just in the United Kingdom.”

In reference to Deandre Arnold, a high school student from Texas who has dreadlocks, Miller said, “I saw a youngster in America with dreadlocks who is not permitted to graduate.” The number of children who come out and share their stories in America is staggering, says the author.

With the passage of the CROWN Act in 2019, California became the first state to prohibit discrimination against those with natural hair.

It is against human rights to require someone to give up a portion of their natural body in order to meet society’s expectations of what they should be, according to Miller, who is a lawyer.

According to his mother, James is a strong and self-assured young man. Despite the fact that many people have made fun of his hair, he is adamant about not cutting it.

There are others who adore his hair as well, as evidenced by his enormous following on Instagram, which Miller hopes to use to raise awareness and funds for her cause in the process.





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