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This Black Couple Has Raised 100 Foster Daughters In 53 Years Of Marriage

This Black Couple Has Raised 100 Foster Daughters In 53 Years Of Marriage

Meet Al and Ann Hill, a Cincinnati, Ohio couple who have been married for 53 years and have fostered over 100 girls in the last three decades.

The couple met in high school and married a few years later. They had two daughters, but when they left for college, they said the house felt hollow. They made the decision to become foster parents at that point.

Al served as a bus driver and manager for 37 years to help support their increasing number of foster daughters. Ann, on the other hand, was the stern mother who enforced the house rules while still being a soft-spoken and dependable mother they could count on.


“We made our home for everybody,” Al told

Other than that, none of them realized how remarkable what they had accomplished was. Bringing in and caring for children came naturally to them.

“Are you aware of what you learn? “There are too many people who don’t have a place to go,” Al said.

The Hills, who are 79 and 78 years old, have been retiring from work and fostering since last year. It had been a difficult year for them, as they had also lost their youngest daughter, Rhonda, who died at the age of 46 after being diagnosed with cancer.


Despite the fact that they have lost track of some of their foster daughters’ names, they say they will never forget the streets where the girls have lived since they left since they visited them. Although some of their foster daughters have run away or stolen from them, they are grateful that the majority of their foster daughters continue to visit them for Thanksgiving dinner.

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