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This Black Single Dad Adopted This 13-Year-Old After He Was Abandoned At Hospital

This Black Single Dad Adopted This 13-Year-Old After He Was Abandoned At Hospital

Foster children are extremely vulnerable, and they are frequently abandoned or lost inside the system. Foster children might take years to find a family, and once they do, their lives are forever changed.

The most touching adoption occurred recently, and it involved an unusual parent and a child who had been abandoned in a hospital. The heartbreaking event has a joyful conclusion thanks to the most unlikely of heroes.

Peter Mutabazi is a Charlotte resident who was born on a foreign continent. And he had a difficult childhood.


“I was born and raised in Uganda. I was born into a family among the poorest of the poor. I didn’t have a really happy childhood. I ran away from home and ended up on the streets.”

Peter stated he recognized his purpose to be a foster father after being rescued and taken in at a time when he most needed it. “How can I not give back?”  Peter explained.

I can see where [these youngsters] are coming from. Someone stepped in to help me, and now I’ve adopted my oldest.

While in Oklahoma in 2017, Peter made the decision to begin fostering. He went to a local recruitment firm. He was initially concerned that being a single man would disqualify him from consideration. Nonetheless, he joined up and completed the necessary lessons to become a foster parent.


He received his license four months later.

Tony is now Peter’s newest (and oldest) son, and Peter believes they were meant to meet. Indeed, the two make the ideal father-son duo–it was an instant connection.

Tony had been adopted when he was four years old by a couple in Oklahoma. Since he was two years old, he had been waiting in the system. His adoptive parents abandoned him at a hospital when he was 11 years old.

Tony’s return to the foster care system would be terrible. Peter said, “I couldn’t imagine… who could do that.”


A foster care worker called Peter one day and asked if he could take Tony for the weekend. He knew he and Tony were supposed to be family the moment he met him.

‘You can call me Mr. Peter,’ I remember telling him. ‘Can I call you dad?’ Tony asked.

Peter and Tony are now officially father and son as of November 2019.

“TODAY I WAS ADOPTED!!! I was chosen, wanted, adored, I grew in his heart, I was the missing piece, and I’m still loved today despite my flaws,” Peter wrote in an Instagram post commemorating the big day.


“‘Whether they come from your womb or someone else’s, little souls make their way to you. Today I found my little/big soul!”

Peter also celebrated becoming a U.S. citizen with his kid just two weeks later.

“I am happy, thankful, grateful, and hopeful to have become an American citizen today!” In just two weeks, I became a father and a US citizen, and I can’t express the joy in my heart and home after such a long trip,” Mutabazi said.

Peter brags about his new son, who “has read more than 500 books” and is intelligent beyond his years.


“He’s 13 years old, so he thinks he’s 40. He’s a good-natured young man. He enjoys playing video games, riding his bike, and exploring new areas.”

This unexpected combination serves as a reminder that we can all make a difference in someone’s life. The process is satisfying: Peter and Tony have a special bond that will only get stronger over time. To be family, we don’t have to be biologically connected to one other.

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