This Clairvoyant Woman Swears She Is Married To Michael Jacksons Ghost

This Clairvoyant Woman Swears She Is Married To Michael Jackson’s Ghost

Kathleen Roberts, who claims to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, says she is married to Michael Jackson’s spirit. Roberts said in an article for the Daily Star that the King of Pop proposed to her “clairvoyantly” with a “pink engagement ring.” She further said that the wedding was officiated by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. while she was getting out of a bathtub.

“Michael lives in me all the time,” Roberts said of the late singer, “so he comes to the restroom with me and calls these unique bonding moments ‘toiletries.’” “He stays possessed in me (not channeling, simply living through me and speaking with me as a husband)”

She claims that the late music icon’s ghostly presence does not have intercourse with her, but rather prefers to dance, sing, and eat in her earthly body. “So he prefers to eat in my company. He is a huge fan of cookies. As a previous fan, I’d expect him to cuss a lot more,” she concluded.

Roberts further said that Jackson “doesn’t like being touched back,” claiming that her supernatural senses have previously been misdiagnosed as insanity.

“If I kiss him or try to initiate romance physically, he scares me with spider visions and dead corpse visions.“

He is bossy and constantly criticizes my shortcomings and blunders.

I assume he got it from his father, so I try to ignore it since I love him and I’m not perfect either,” the clairvoyant explained.

She went on to say that she thinks Jackson chose her because of her likeness to Monroe. “I feel honored that he selected me as his wife (though we are not married on paper), and we consider our relationship as such. We’ve had our ups and downs, but the truth is, Michael, I can’t quit loving you,” Roberts replied.

Jackson’s four-decade career enthralled audiences, and he continues to have a huge influence on musicians today. During his later years, the singer led a very secluded existence.

He went into cardiac arrest after taking too much-sleeping medication in his rented property in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.

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