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This Tech Firm Owned By A Black Woman Launches Football Training App

This Tech Firm Owned By A Black Woman Launches Football Training App

Black technologist and entrepreneur, Kathy Tomlinson has created a new app to help footballers, especially the quarterbacks, learn how to be more proficient in their positions.

The gaming app is called The Quarterback Equalizer. Tomlinson’s company, Equalizer Games LLC, a company based in Dallas created the game. For Tomlinson, the game is all about helping players learn off the field and then help bring that knowledge on the field.

John Tomlinson, CEO of Equalizer Games and a football coach with over 25 years’ experience believes that the game will help quarterbacks master and enforce the rules of their position. John believes this game will help reduce the strain and workload on quarterbacks when preparing for an opponent.


Equalizer Games was born from the passion and drive of the Tomlinson couple, with Kathy building a business out of their love for the game. The company was created in 2004 and has spent all its time creating The Quarterback Equalizer app.

For the company, the app is part of a series of apps that aim to help its players master the game of football so they can easily perform offensives move with ease.

The Quarterback Equalizer app will help quarterbacks at all levels of play comprehend how to take apart an opponent’s defense. The game with is mobile and tablet friendly helps the quarterback identify holes in the opponent’s defenses, and carry out better plays.

For John, the quarterback has been the focus for so long because it is a position that requires a lot of preparation each week, and because many quarterbacks do not become complete players until college. With this game, it will provide off-field training that can be translated to an increase in on-field skills. It is essentially a virtual classroom and training field. It will definitely make the work of the coach easier.


John has spent over 25 years coaching at all levels of football from high school to the National Football League and has worked with individuals and organizations like Peyton Manning, Coach Frank Reich, Cleveland Colts and Oakland Raiders.

He was an Assist Quality Control and Quarterback coach for the Colts, and RB coach for the Raiders. In all his years of practice, one common theme has stood out, and that is the fundamentals.

John merged his background in Computer Science, his previous experience in technology and his knowledge of football to build a game that helps players build on the fundamentals to become better at their game.

According to John, the seed for the app was sown in 2007, when he had a young talented quarterback with a lot of talent. He was determined to see this quarterback succeed by learning how to see through defensive moves meant to confuse the attacking side. From that encounter, John created a game that did just that.


For Kathy, the game allows everyone to have a feel for the game of football. Even though the game is primarily for education purposes, it can also offer entertainment for anybody that is interested.

The game is also very immersive. With sound effects, appearances, coaches, classrooms, ability to pick your playing level from high school to college, it is very easy to get lost in the game. The game also has a playoff feature.

The Quarterback Equalizer is something that every enthusiast of the game must-have. From coaches to quarterbacks to fans and media people. It will help deconstruct defenses during games.

The game is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. The app has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to assist in the continued development of the new app. Details on the app can be gotten at


About Equalizer Games LLC

Equalizer Games LLC is a tech company based in Dallas. The company is owned by a woman, with a focus on providing gaming apps that will help teach football players at all levels new ways to improve on their game. Its first product, The Quarterback Equalizer will be launched in the summer of 2019

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