Two Students Were Tragically Shot In Memphis - Who Is Killing Black Children?

Two Students Were Tragically Shot In Memphis – Who Is Killing Black Children?

Six years old Ashlynn Denaé Luckett, and Lequan Dequez Boyd, 16, who was tragically shot on Monday, are being remembered by their schools as excellent and laudable students.

The police found both kids at 6872, Kirby Mills Cove on Monday, in severe conditions, and transported them to LeBonheur Hospital, unfortunately, the Memphis Police department tweeted that they both didn’t survive their injuries on Tuesday and Wednesday, and no arrests have been made yet.

Collierville Schools wrote a press release on the demise of Ashlynn and Lequan on Wednesday, “To their families, we offer our sincerest condolences,” Collierville Schools Chief of Staff Jeff Jones said in the release on Facebook. “Our crisis response team has begun offering the necessary support to affected students and employees in our schools, and they will continue to do so for as long as necessary.”

Lequan was a sophomore at Collierville High School when he was killed alongside his little niece Ashlynn. Lequan’s teachers remember him as “the one everyone knew,” “a strong person,” and “like our child.”

According to Stephanie Gonzalez, who taught Lequan 9th Grade English the previous year, he always came to see her even though she didn’t teach him this year. “He was just like that,” she said, “very caring and protective of his friends, family, and teachers he loved.”

“Lequan was one of those students that had a huge personality,” Gonzalez said. “Even teachers that didn’t teach him knew him. He had a personality larger than life. He would dance down the hallways and always had a smile on his face.

“I am thankful that I was able to teach him for a year. He was a bright spot in not only mine, but also many of our lives. He was the student that you looked forward to seeing every day because he could always make you laugh.”

Gonzalez recalled that the last teacher Lequan spoke to on Friday was his favorite teacher. She was having a rough day and had jokingly said: “I’m quitting.” Lequan responded with, “No, you’re not. You’re awesome. You’re coming back. I need you.”

“CHS is not the only school grieving,” Gonzalez said. “Lequan grew up in Collierville. His elementary and middle school teachers are grieving also. Lequan was the ‘baby’ of four brothers that came through Collierville Schools, so losing him was also like losing a part of your family. We all, as a community, are grieving the loss of him and his niece.”

Ashlynn, who was a first-year student at Sycamore Elementary School, was described by her first-grade teacher, Deena Carter, as “one who didn’t miss a beat” despite being a fresh student.

“The kids loved her…she had a smile on her face every day. She was a hard worker, and she wanted to learn.” Carter said.

According to Carter, Ashlynn was exceptionally good in maths, and she would ask for take-home exercises, for more practice when she got home.

“She will be truly missed,” Carter said. “She was just a ray of sunshine.”

The assistant principal of her school, Sheryl Small, remembers Ashlynn as one who always greeted others with a hug; according to her, Ashlynn had a “bubbling” personality.

 “Every time she walked in this building, she was smiling,” Small said.

Julie Reagan, Sycamore Elementary Principal, said that Ashlynn would “be missed by the entire Sycamore family.”

Incessant juvenile killings are on the rise, and it has been described as “grief-stricken” by Shelby’s County Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr, “I am grief-stricken by the outburst of senseless killings which have impacted our community. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the bereaved and the entire community.” he said.

Ten-year-old Jadon Knox, was also fatally shot last week, while he was outside 757 Josephine Street on Sunday. The police found him at 6:12pm and took him to Le Bonheur hospital in critical conditions. The police tweeted that he gave up on Monday.

According to The Commercial Appeal, while investigations are on, his family and some members of the Orange Mound community held a vigil for him on Tuesday.





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