UK Man Who Poured Acid On Ex Girlfriend While Disguised As Black Woman Gets 15 Year Sentence

UK Man Who Poured Acid On Ex-Girlfriend While Disguised As Black Woman Gets 15-Year Sentence


A 25-year-old medical student was convicted to 15 years in prison by a UK court for throwing sulfuric acid on his ex-girlfriend while posing as a Black lady.

Milad Rouf masked his identity by donning a fat suit, cosmetics, and sunglasses, according to The Guardian. After Rym Alaoui answered the door at her residence, he is reported to have spilled acid over her face. When Rouf tossed the toxic material on her, Alaoui, who couldn’t see her ex-boyfriend because of the disguise, was reading a note Rouf had presented.


The suspect allegedly traveled from Wales to the victim’s home in Brighton, England, to perpetrate the crime, according to authorities. The junior doctor suffered terrible injuries in the May tragedy, which have since changed her life. Alaoui is unable to close her eyes or move her neck, in addition to not being able to see out of her right eye.

Following the incident, investigators discovered a “shopping list” in Rouf’s flat. A “fat outfit” and a “black morph suit” were among the items Rouf obtained for his disguise on the “list.”

“He impersonated a black woman of huge stature by wearing padded garments and applying cosmetics. He was clothed fully in black by the time of the attack at 4.15 p.m., and he was wearing a face mask, sunglasses, and a face visor,” prosecutor Flora Page said in court.

Rouf and Alaoui dated briefly while studying medicine at Cardiff University. Alaoui, on the other hand, ended her relationship with him before moving to Brighton in April. According to The Guardian, Judge Christine Laing remarked in court, “You thought about what you intended to do and how you were going to do it and planned it over weeks before carrying it out.”

“You were fully aware that what you were doing was wrong, and you attempted to absolve yourself of responsibility in order to continue your medical career.”

The incident was also described as incomprehensible by Laing, who said that it was motivated by rage and envy as a result of the victim’s breakup with the accused. In a statement, Alaoui said the event had jeopardized her work and future. The victim is in her twenties as well.

“A liquid I now know to be sulfuric acid was poured into my face when I arrived to answer the door that day,” she wrote. “My life has changed since the day I was subjected to this heinous attack. I live in constant discomfort and worry about my future well-being and financial security.

“The attack caused significant damage to my right eye, which I am currently unable to see out of.” Damage to the eyelids and skin of the face, neck, and arm.

“It’s impossible for me to move my neck or close my eyes. I’ve undergone five surgeries thus far. More processes and operations are still causing me problems.”

“I am unable to attend work or live my life,” she continued. Years of my work and young adult life have been taken from me. The psychological impact on me, my family, and loved ones had been enormous.

“I have no idea why someone would carry out such a calculated and heinous attack.” “I have no idea what was going through his head.”







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