Ushers Non-Profit New Look Receives $500000 Grant For Financial Literacy Programs

Usher’s Non-Profit, New Look, Receives $500,000 Grant For Financial Literacy Programs


Usher’s New Look (UNL), a non-profit organization formed by the R&B star in 1999, just received a significant donation. According to a news statement, the Truist Foundation has granted UNL $500,000 to promote its high school leadership program, notably its financial literacy activities.

The $500,000 is the most recent grant from the Truist Foundation, which has granted UNL a total of $1.5 million over the last five years to support the company’s goal.


In a news statement, Careshia Moore, president and CEO of Usher’s New Look, said, “Breaking the cycle of poverty and debt is vital to the future development of young people, particularly in these trying times where we see that there are currently 16 million children living in poverty today.” “As a result, this is a proud moment for Usher’s New Look, and we are grateful to Truist Foundation for this transformational grant, which will enable us to further our mission and touch the lives of hundreds of young people, assisting them in preparing for their futures while also uplifting themselves and their communities.”

After the merging of BB&T and Suntrust Banks in 2019, the Truist Foundation was founded. According to the Foundation’s website, their mission is to “inspire and build better lives and communities by partnering directly with nonprofit groups that support wealth creation for historically disadvantaged communities.” Truist Foundation, led by President Lynette Bell, works to develop small enterprises and build professional pathways to economic mobility. In a press release following the $500,000 award to UNL, Bell reaffirmed her commitment to the organization and similar programs.

“The Truist Foundation is committed to assisting Usher’s New Look in furthering its goal by providing young people with access to financial wellness in order to assist them in making life decisions,” Bell stated. “Ushers New Look shares our mission to inspire and empower people to live better lives in their communities. Their commitment and track record in guiding and developing young people’s talent and talents is unrivaled.”

According to UNL’s website, the organization has assisted more than 50,000 adolescents worldwide. Workshops and how-to seminars on themes such as talent exploration, college preparation, employment development, servant leadership, entrepreneurship, budgeting, credit and debt, savings, investing, and more are available through UNL’s high school program.







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