As the whole world is still in shock of the violent breach of the US Capitol, and with videos and pictures of the event spreading around social media, one question comes to mind. That is: Has this too been predicted by the famous cartoon show, The Simpsons?

For those of us who are familiar with the cartoon show, The Simpsons, it’s no more news that it contains subtle and subliminal messages, of events to come.

As the videos and pictures from the Capitol violence flooded social media, one thing stood out, and that is: “Simpsons may have predicted the siege on the US Capitol.”

We don’t totally want our words to be it, we will want you to watch some of the videos and look at some of the videos from the cartoon that are almost exact replicas of the events at the Capitol.

Now this is just us playing around with the idea that someone somewhere has seen visions of all that is to happen in United States politics and has finely placed them as subliminals into the show simpsons. Many others would say other wise. But whatever side you fall on, take your time to make your research and see what you find about this bizzare resemblances.


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