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Viral Video Shows Two White Men Attacking A Black Man While White Cop Watches In Kentucky

Viral Video Shows Two White Men Attacking A Black Man While White Cop Watches In Kentucky

Kentucky police have responded to a widely circulated TikTok video that shows two white males forcefully holding a Black guy in Hazard, Kentucky, while a trooper looks on.

The video was shared earlier this week by user @the_savage_lokius and as of Thursday afternoon, it has been seen over 420,000 times.

Before showing the film, the user added, “We don’t have any context regarding what’s going on.” “However, there is a police officer who is standing there doing nothing. Please watch this video and help us figure out what’s going on if you live in Hazard or know someone who does.


The video was shot in a Hazard, Kentucky parking lot and shows a barefoot Black man being pinned to the ground by two white men. One man looks to be straddling the other, as the other leans on top of him, utilizing his entire weight to keep him pressed into the ground. During the ordeal, a Kentucky State trooper stands close. Under the weight of the two males, the Black man can be heard yelling and shouting out.

After watching the video, the user supplied contact information for the Hazard Police Department and encouraged others to investigate what was going on.

Sgt. Billy Gregory, the Kentucky State Police Commander of Public Affairs, told WYMT on Tuesday that troopers responded on June 21 to help in a situation where a mentally ill man’s carers were attempting to safely detain him.

“On June 21, a KSP trooper was dispatched to a parking lot in Hazard to assist with a situation. The trooper spoke with the individual’s caregivers and took appropriate action to de-escalate the situation using Crisis Intervention Training, a program developed by the National Alliance on Mental Illness that allowed caregivers to use their training to prevent the individual from harming himself or others. EMS arrived on the scene and took the person to the hospital, where he was treated and released.”


According to WVTQ, the incident occurred in a McDonald’s parking lot, and the trooper has been named as Ronnie Long.

A parent, guardian, or caregiver can use physical force on a minor or manually impaired person to promote the person’s welfare as long as the force isn’t intended to cause pain or suffering, according to Kentucky law.

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