Viral Video Shows White Texas Student Hitting And Racially Insulting Her Black Teacher Investigations Underway

Viral Video Shows White Texas Student Hitting And Racially Insulting Her Black Teacher; Investigations Underway


Authorities in Fort Worth, Texas, have launched an inquiry into a viral video showing a White student making racially inflammatory remarks about a Black teacher and hitting her during a classroom argument. Castleberry High School was the scene of the incident.

According to Newsweek, the local news portal “Smash Da Topic” uploaded the video in question on Twitter over the weekend. It has been seen over 200,000 times since then. The White female student can be seen in the video approaching the teacher’s desk while the teacher appears to be on the phone.


After the teacher tries to remove the kid’s hand off the phone, the White student appears to cut the call before hitting the teacher on the arm. Later, the student is seen on camera making a phone conversation. The kid can be heard saying, “I’m calling my mommy, you ain’t about to f*** me up b****!”

The youngster is then overheard allegedly talking on the phone with her mother. “I need you to come over here right now because this instructor is about to get f***** up unless she gets the f*** away from me,” the kid is overheard saying.

“You want to talk to her because she’s Black and she’s f******* pissing me off right now?” the kid asks, hurling the phone at the teacher. She then walks out of the classroom.

The Castleberry Independent School District issued a statement on Monday following the event, stating that it has seen the video in question. “Castleberry ISD is aware of, and deeply troubled by, videos circulating on social media in which a student acts aggressively toward an African American instructor, including physically assaulting the teacher and making racially charged comments and threats,” according to the statement.

“First and foremost, we want to applaud the teacher for her cool approach and complete professionalism throughout the encounter, even when the scenario became violent and disrespectful. “We wholeheartedly endorse this teacher and her actions,” the letter continued.

The school district stated it had “immediately” forwarded the situation to law enforcement “because criminal activity occurred,” in addition to saying it was investigating the event.

“Castleberry ISD will apply appropriate discipline in accordance with the law,” the statement said. “At Castleberry ISD, we will not tolerate harassment, racism, or violence against our teachers, and we will take prompt and effective measures to protect our teachers so that they can fulfill their duties and educate students in a safe atmosphere.”

This is ridiculous. This Black teacher should be applauded for maintaining her cool in the face of such heinous criminal activity by this white privilege-abusing student.

November 22, 2021 — Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump)

However, the student’s mother, Brittany Evans, told WFAA that her daughter is autistic, bipolar, and suffers from melancholy and anxious discomfort as a result of the incident. “I felt bad for the teacher,” she explained. “I felt upset for her to be in that predicament in the first place.”

Evans also stated that she had met with district officials several times in an attempt to get her daughter shifted to special education courses due to her medical condition. “I wish the school had properly labeled her so we wouldn’t have to go through this,” Evans added.

Evans stated she had no idea “where she would learn stuff like that” in response to her daughter’s racially inappropriate statements about the teacher. “I promise I never use racial terminology,” she continued. “I’m not aware of any of my family members that reside with me ever using racist slang.”

Evans also stated that after learning about the incident, she intended to contact the teacher. “She is an incredible woman.” She’s cool, composed, and incredibly sweet. She explained, “I wanted to reach out to her but didn’t know how.” “She is a saint in my eyes.” And she needs of an award.”

Meanwhile, Steve Poole, Executive Director of the United Educators Association, told WFAA that the pupil should be subjected to the full force of the law. “Under state law, what the student did was a felony,” Poole said. “Assaulting a public servant is a felony, and a teacher is a public servant.” And hopefully, the student will be held accountable.”







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