Virginia Cops Under Fire After Pointing Guns At Teen Who Was Recording Their Police Stop

Virginia Cops Under Fire After Pointing Guns At Teen Who Was Recording Their Police Stop

After a viral video of police pulling guns on a kid who was filming an arrest, Fairfax County Police officials opened an inquiry.

Two police officers are seen in the video posted to Reddit and Twitter on July 9 ordering a person with a cellphone camera to the ground while brandishing their weapons.

According to police, when two persons were being detained after officers responded to a report of three to four “juveniles” in an IHOP in Falls Church, Virginia, a third person “who the officers thought to be involved, approached with something in his hands,” the police said.

Before a female police with her firearm pulled approaches the individual holding the camera, one of the officers can be heard saying to another, “Stop him,” on the footage. The person was identified as a juvenile by police.

Why do you have a gun pointed at me? The teen enquired.

The female cop responded, “Because you have a weapon.”

“What weapon? What weapon, huh? You look dumb, bro,” the teenager said.

She said, “Get on your knees.”

The boy is then approached by a male officer who has his gun drawn.

“Get down on the floor! He said, “Get on the ground quickly.

According to police officials, they received a call reporting that one teen had threatened the restaurant hostess while another had raised his shirt and displayed a revolver in his belt. After leaving, the group came back three hours later and requested that the employee come outdoors, according to a statement from the authorities. There was no firearm present when the authorities detained the two teenagers.

The radio traffic call describing the event was also made public by the Fairfax County Police Department. There were reports of the young people around the windows outside the IHOP, according to one of the law enforcement personnel on the call.

Officers threatened the suspect with a revolver and ordered him to the ground because to the nature of the call and their inability to find a weapon. According to the statement, police discovered that the kid was filming with a cell phone. The three minors were taken into custody before being released to their parents. A detective from our Criminal Inquiry Division has been tasked with conducting the investigation. The incident is being investigated, just like all incidents involving gunpoint.

On Reddit, the video of the incident has been shared 9,400 times, and on Twitter, it has been tweeted almost 16,000 times. Jeff McKay, the chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, responded to the video on Twitter by pledging to see to it that the police carried out their investigation.

“I promise that a comprehensive inquiry will be conducted, and the results will be made available to our community. When a gun is pointed, an internal review is triggered, which the Independent Police Auditor, who answers directly to the Board, will oversee. It is crucial to make sure that our officers are abiding by both departmental rules and community standards.






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