Watch Video Of Moment When Mike Tyson Hugs Man Who Pulled Out Gun At Comedy Show

Watch Video Of Moment When Mike Tyson Hugs Man Who Pulled Out Gun At Comedy Show


Mike Tyson was most likely in danger after an unidentified man brandished a gun during a brawl at a comedy concert where he was performing. The boxing star, on the other hand, remained composed and even hugged the man after he put the gun away.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred at a comedy gig at a Hollywood rooftop bar on Tuesday. Tyson and some of his friends were among the show’s visitors. The event was, however, disrupted when an unidentified and armed man approached Tyson and attempted to converse with him.


Tyson is seen seated in the footage when a stranger approaches him and attempts to strike up a conversation. Despite the fact that the video is inaudible, eyewitnesses claim the man was attempting to challenge Tyson to a fight because he wanted to establish a reputation for himself.

Tyson, on the other hand, remained calm and sat, refusing to entertain the man. Later, a man identified as the show’s host/MC is seen asking the man to leave. However, things appear to be escalating, as the unidentified individual threatens to shoot the host/MC. He then appears to bring out what appears to be a gun and cock it. As a result, bystanders were forced to flee for their lives.

But, thankfully, the man did not open fire. But, according to TMZ, he approached Tyson again and pleaded him not to report the incident to the cops. Despite not engaging the man, Tyson ultimately rose up and hugged him.

The man eventually left the gathering. However, other people were apparently forced to leave due to security concerns. Following that, Tyson also left.

Below is a video of the incident:







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