What Is The Hope For The Black Mans Liberty When Faced With Two Sides Of The Same Coin

What Is The Hope For The Black Man’s Liberty, When Faced With Two Sides Of The Same Coin?


Now this small article has little to do with who really should be America’s next president, and a lot do say about “instituted white supremacy” and how the Black man in America still loses his fight for Liberty when any of the candidates win.

In the past months, we have had series of discussions with various Blacks (African-Americans), and their responses and body language suggest the fact that there is no hope for their liberty or freedom, in the presence of toxic white supremacy in the United States of America.


Many people around the world, will agree that the current president, is seen as a racist, and has demonstrated that through his body language and actions towards certain sensitive issues that revolved around race and liberty for Black people.

His major opponent, Joe Biden, has also been termed a racist, and many have suggested that he is no different from Donald Trump.

As these conversations go on, and various groups pitch their tents with either of the two candidates, we are reminded by history, that America is, and will always be the capital of “evident and expressive white supremacy”. And that show of supremacy will always be in direct proportion to the oppression of the Black man.

So while Americans are preparing to vote, the conscious Black man stands out, with a bitter knowledge that nothing has changed for the liberty of his people – he refuses to vote for any of the candidates, for it is a clear case of “two devils on different sides of a rope”.

What do you think?

Asides from wanting your favorite candidate to assume the leadership of America, how certain are you that he will not continue to enforce and uphold the “institutionalized racism” engraved in the soul of America?

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