White Employee And Principal Who Made Black Girl Eat Out Of Garbage In Ohio School, Have Been Fired

White Employee And Principal Who Made Black Girl Eat Out Of Garbage In Ohio School, Have Been Fired

After security video supports a 9-year-old Black girl’s account of being forced to consume food from the trash can that she had thrown away, a principal and cafeteria worker in Ohio has been fired.

According to WKYC, the school district in Lorain, Ohio, 30 miles west of Cleveland, eventually disclosed the video after the inquiry began in December 2021. The incident in question occurred at Palm Elementary School in November.

The anonymous parents have sued the Lorain City School District for inflicting emotional harm and trauma on their child in such an avoidable scenario. The toddler just refused to eat the waffles that had been served to her and threw them aside.

According to Fox 8, “What we see is a student finish with her lunch… again, a student finishes with her lunch and she goes to toss the meal away like hundreds and thousands of students around the country do every day.”

“We see in the video, this monitor, the named defendant, go ahead and grab the waffle out of the garbage and she appears to instruct the student to go get a paper towel, [and] go back to her seat.”

After that, Klebanow breaks down what happened next.

“She puts the waffle on the table and then talks with her for a few minutes, telling her, as we know from the victim’s perspective, that she needs to eat this waffle that was in the garbage, and the monitor goes so far as to sit right next to her, as is alleged in the complaint, and intimidate her into doing so,” Klebanow said.

According to the results of Lorain City School, the pupil tossed away a packed food item. The cafeteria monitor took it from the trash bin, wiped it clean, and returned it to the girl. Despite this, the district condemned the monitor’s heinous behavior.

The principal, who was aware of the occurrence but did nothing about it, was also fired.






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