White Man Who Violently Beat A Black Woman In Viral Video, Gets A Minor Battery Charge; Victim Demands Justice

White Florida Man Who Violently Beat A Black Woman In Viral Video, Gets A Minor Battery Charge; Victim Demands Justice

A viral video shows a Black lady being severely assaulted by a white man in a racially motivated incident that left the victim terrified. Kevin Williamson, 59, was arrested and charged with battery, but the victim wants more serious hate crime charges brought against him.

Rayme McCoy, 23, is still recovering from a horrific attack last week at a petrol station in Jacksonville, where she was pummeled. McCoy said that she overheard Williamson ranting as she walked into the gas station for a regular gas station visit.

“He walked in after me and said, ‘Go back to where you came from,’ and I’m tired of y’all being kind,” McCoy explained.

Williamson, McCoy said, aimed his rage at her and began berating her with racist words before punching her in the face. “I asked, sir, can you just back up,” McCoy claimed. “He said he had his pistol in his car, and I said, I’ll call my dad.”

Surveillance video showed what transpired next, which left McCoy speechless as Williamson began repeatedly punching him in the face. The 23-year-old was bruised and swelled on sections of her face and eyes as a result of the assault.

“She’s obviously still traumatized by this occurrence and is still going through it,” said Ben Frazier, a civil rights activist and the founder of the North Florida Coalition, who is also lobbying for McCoy.

Frazier makes a parallel between what happened to McCoy and what happened just two days before in Buffalo, New York, when a white man carried out a racist attack inside a grocery store, killing ten Black people.

“We understand a direct link between what occurred in Buffalo and what occurred in Jacksonville, Florida,” Frazier said.

For years, racial violence has been a part of America’s past, according to Frazier. This is in line with recent Justice Department data showing that anti-Black hate crimes and occurrences have increased dramatically since 2020, far above any other racial or ethnic group.

According to data provided last year, anti-Black hate crimes increased to 2,871 reported cases, up from 1,930 reported incidents in 2019. There were 869 reports of anti-white hate crimes and incidents, 517 reports of anti-Latino hate crimes and incidents, and 279 reports of anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents.

“To be brutally and mercilessly attacked by a white man who had nothing on his mind but to perpetuate the kind of bigotry, discriminating violence, and terror,” Frazier explained.

Both McCoy and Frazier have stated that they want Williamson charged with a federal hate crime for the attack. “We’re requesting that the FBI look into this and that the Justice Department name it what it is: a hate crime,” Frazier added.

“All I ask is that he be charged,” McCoy added.

Williamson was apprehended by Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputies four days after the attack and charged with battery. He was booked into a pre-trial detention center. Williamson came before a court on May 21 and was ordered to be jailed on a $20,000 bail, according to WJXT.







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