White High School Security Officer Videos Kneeling on Black Teens Neck In San Diego

White High-School Security Officer Videos Kneeling on Black Teen’s Neck In San Diego

HS Security Supervisor Not Punished for Kneeling on Black Teen’s Neck, District Officials Say ‘Sorry,’ But He Will Be Retrained and Relocated

For his role in putting a Black kid to the ground by her neck, a San Diego high school security supervisor will not face harsh punishment. Instead, he was placed on administrative leave, will be retrained, and transferred to another school, according to Grossmont Union High School District officials.

On Aug. 31, at Valhalla High School, a viral incident was captured on camera and shared on social media. Several security personnel intervened to break up a lunchtime brawl between two female students.

The supervisor, whose identity is withheld in the report, was seen holding both females down before eventually detaining one of the participants by kneeling on her neck and keeping her hands behind her back.

The district recruited attorney Dominic Quiller to conduct an investigation into the incident that sparked public outrage. He eventually came to the conclusion that the supervisor’s actions were excessively forceful and limiting of the teen’s airways.

According to Quiller’s report, “Student B is a 14-year-old girl, yet there are four men, one of whom is nearly 7 feet tall, holding her down, and at one point holding her in an elevated hogtie position.” “To be sure, the students immediately recognized the staff’ actions as extreme, which is why they quickly closed in on the altercation, apparently to defend their classmate from further harm.”

In the statement, GUHSD Superintendent Theresa Kemper said, “As a district, we own what’s in this report.” “We have a Board policy in place to prevent this, but our training, as thorough as it was, needed to be more so. So here’s my message to the student: I’m sorry. This was not supposed to happen.”

The scene seemed hauntingly similar to when white Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin was caught kneeling on George Floyd’s neck during his tragic arrest. “He should be fired he knows what happened in the past he went head did knee to the neck WTF is wrong with white men.”

He should have been fired because he knew what happened in the past when he went head to knee to the neck. WTF is up with white males believing they can do anything they want when there are other options. Look at how large he is, he isn’t a little person either.

1 October 2021 — Jeffery Sr (@iceberg24)

“They will not make our children accustomed to being abused in this manner; this is a lawsuit, and we don’t just want a lawsuit; we want them fired.”

They will not habitually abuse our children in this manner; this is a lawsuit, and we don’t just want a lawsuit; we want them fired. They aren’t protecting our children; instead, they are abusing black youngsters. I’m hoping they have them locked up.

September 7, 2021 — Truthful Rating (@RatingTruthful)

Due to the supervisor’s lack of proper training, termination was not recommended, according to the report. Students who witnessed the brawl and the conduct of security personnel were taken aback.

Valhalla senior Duncan Galvez told CBS 8 San Diego, “She seemed a little pushy, like a big strong dude on a newbie, I heard she was a freshman.” “In any case, she’s just 14 to 18 years old, so she’s a large 200-pound dude and a smaller female.”

Superintendent Kemper issued a statement at the time, saying, “It’s totally reasonable that students and members of our school community are unhappy in light of the events that have occurred in America over the last two years.”

Tasha Williamson, a community organizer, says the violent incident revealed a deficit in the staff’s training, which Kemper confirmed after seeing the inquiry report some weeks later.

“He didn’t let up on her. He wouldn’t let him go. “She wanted him off of her,” Williamson explained. But that wasn’t the only accusation she made. “They know how to treat their white kids, but they don’t know how to treat our black kids.” As an activist, I want them to know that we expect you to treat our children as if they were white, because there are clearly racial discrepancies in treatment.”

“It is far past time for something to be done,” the NAACP said in a statement. There will be no more phony comments, lip service, or “training” that isn’t followed through on. There must be CONSEQUENCES for persons in positions of authority who engage in violent racist behavior.”

Valhalla HS has a largely white student body, with Black students accounting for only 2% of the student body. However, not everyone believes race was a part in the supervisor’s conduct.

“There’s nothing racist about this. It’s just lousy parenting and a lack of accountability for their children’s actions. This is getting old, and no one seems to care.”

“I don’t believe race played a role in it…

Just a person trying to break up a quarrel who is completely out of his depth.”

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