White Man Charged After Assaulting And Threatening To Shoot Black Uber Driver

White Man Charged After Assaulting And Threatening To Shoot Black Uber Driver

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that a white man in Cincinnati, Ohio, is facing criminal charges after assaulting and threatening a black Uber driver in a racist incident.

After getting into the vehicle of Abdelkadre Khamis Ahmat, an immigrant from the Central African country of Chad, on May 28, Winterman was en route to his destination when the driver’s GPS system failed. After asking a “very inebriated” Winterman to direct him back to his home, Ahmat was confronted with threats and racial obscenities from the white man, who then contacted the police because he wanted to be dropped off at his chosen location instead of Ahmat’s residence.

Winterman remarked on an Uber driver’s recording, “I hope to hell you get shot nigger,” according to the recording.

After that, the passenger got out of the car and began vandalizing the vehicle. In response to Ahmat’s attempts to stop him, he punched him to the ground before falling to the ground himself. As reported by the New York Post, he instructed Ahmat to remember that “you are Black, and I am white,” before spreading blood over the car’s interior and fleeing the scene of the murder. Ahmat’s Uber account was suspended after the encounter was reported to Uber by a white male witness, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations. After seeing a video of the incident, authorities decided to reinstate the ban.

According to Uber spokeswoman Austen Radcliff, “what is displayed is horrible and irresponsible.” Uber is a ride-sharing company. The use of violence and discrimination on the Uber platform is strictly prohibited. Since the event was first reported to us last month, we’ve been seeking to contact the driver in order to obtain additional information about him. Our team is working to reactivate the driver’s account, and the rider has been suspended from Uber.”

In the beginning, a warrant for Winterman’s arrest had been issued. A warrant for his arrest was issued on Wednesday (June 9) and he was charged with ethnic intimidation, criminal property damage, and disruptive behavior. According to reports, he is being held on a $26,000 bond.

In an interview with the Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati police Sgt. Eric Franz said, “His behaviors were the most horrific I’ve seen toward an Uber driver or a taxi driver in my time.” The way he handled this motorist makes me sick to my stomach. It’s offensive to one’s sensibilities in the extreme. And it doesn’t reflect well on our city in the least. We live in a city that is extremely diverse in terms of culture.”





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