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White Man Who Pointed Gun at BLM Protesters Is Running For Senate

White Man Who Pointed Gun at BLM Protesters Is Running For Senate

Mark McCloskey, a white St. Louis lawyer who last summer pointed weapons at Black Lives Matter demonstrators outside his house, is now running for Senate in Missouri. During a Fox News interview with host Tucker Carlson last night, McCloskey declared his candidacy as a Republican nominee (May 18). He said his armed confrontation with demonstrators last year “sure did wake [him] up” during his TV appearance.

McCloskey told Carlson, “I’ve always been a Republican, but I’ve never been a politician.” “However, God came knocking on my door dressed as an angry mob last summer, and it really did wake me up.”

In his first campaign commercial, McCloskey alluded to the incident.


He said, “When the angry mob came to ruin my house and kill my relatives, I stood up to them.” “Now I’m calling for the opportunity to speak up for all of us. “I would never give up.”

“Our country is under siege. Big tech, big business, and the swamp in D.C. are all conspiring to ruin our God-given rights, culture, and heritage,” he went on to say. “… I can guarantee you one thing: I will protect our homes, our state, and our country when the mob comes to kill them.”

Last year, pictures of Mark and his wife Patricia holding a handgun and a semi-automatic rifle went viral. As Black Lives Matter demonstrators marched through their gated neighborhood, the couple complained to police that they were “threatened with [their] lives.” However, video footage revealed that the McCloskeys were already armed when protesters arrived outside their house.

Conservatives lauded the pair, and they talked at the Republican National Convention regarding their right to bear arms. Both Mark and Patricia are accused of displaying a weapon and tampering with evidence on two counts each. They pleaded not guilty to the crimes in October, according to REVOLT. The case will go to trial in November, and if found guilty, they could face up to four years in jail and $10,000 in fines.


McCloskey is the first man to run for Senate in Missouri while facing two felony charges, according to reports. Below is a link to his Twitter campaign video.

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